You Minions Rock!!!

Thank you – all of you – for giving me more birthday happies (Hey…it could be a word!) than I have ever received. You guys are too cool!

A tiny reminder before I delve into a mountain of work (I’ve checked four things off of my huge to-do list, but still have six things left…and they’re all biggies): HAIKU CONTEST! So far, the haikus are pretty amazing. Seriously, Auntie Heather will have a hard time choosing the winners. If you haven’t entered, do so. Either here or here or both.

9 Responses to "You Minions Rock!!!"

  1. RJ

    Have fun with your list :0


    …have a vampire….it will….help?

  2. RJ

    Oh man… it looks all spaztic!!! It looked great when it was being typed….

  3. K8

    I hope you had a good birthday!
    Good luck with your list!!
    I need to make a new one…

  4. Anonymous

    aww…this minion is always here to make you happy, heather!!! just let me know, and i’ll cheer you up when you need it. =3

    blood and fangs(instead of hugs and kisses), al

  5. crazyrocker621

    your welcome! 😀

  6. Anonymous

    Can You do a book signing in New Jersey Once? I really want to meet you! (preferably, Glen Rock)

  7. Anonymous

    Yeah! i would love to see you in person! New York would be kewl too 😉


  8. Anonymous

    ok yeah, come to new jersey, but could you come to like…my school?

    love, al

  9. Anonymous

    or somewhere near where i live???

    blood & fangs, al

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