A Million Ways to Win ARCs of THIRD STRIKE!

Okay, so maybe not a million, but still.

Greetings, Minions! First off, I can has a new vlog for you. Go watch it!

Secondly, if you watch that vlog, you’ll learn of a way to win an ARC of THIRD STRIKE – but if you’re not down with the whole YouTube thang, or you want to increase your chances of winning one of my last few ARCs, there’s now a contest on Goodreads! So check both out, and good luck!

I wanted to give you all a little heads-up, in case you’ve been in your coffins for a while and haven’t heard. Auntie Heather is holding a YA Lit/anti-bullying conference called Less Than Three. Tickets are just ten bucks, and available on the Less Than Three website. You won’t believe the rock star line-up we have: A.S. King, Rachel Caine, Andrew Smith, Ellen Hopkins, Mari Mancusi, Susane Colasanti, David Levithan, Jennifer Brown, Cheryl Rainfield, Dale E. Basye, Lisa McMann, T.M. Goeglein, Carrie Jones, Alethea Kontis, Carrie Ryan, Shannon Messenger, and of course, yours truly will be there. It’s going to be FANGtastic!

Our volunteer list is now full, but check out what’s on the schedule:

8am: Badge pick-up opens

9:30am – 10:30am: Panels 1 & 2

10:40am – 11:40am: Panels 3 & 4

11:50am – 12:50pm: Break for lunch (boxed lunch available for purchase in advance on the site)

1pm – 2pm: Keynote address (Heather Brewer, with special guest)

2:10pm – 3:10pm: Panels 1 & 2

3:20pm – 4:20pm: Panels 3 & 4

4:30pm – 6:30pm: Social Hour (aka Less Than Three Mix-and-Mingle-with-the-Authors Party Time!)

And here are some more details on the panels:

Panel #1 –

BULLYING IN SCHOOL: When a safe haven turns into a waking nightmare.

Jody Feldman – moderator

Panelists: Susane Colasanti, Jennifer Brown, Alethea Kontis, Dale E. Basye

Panel #2 –

What to do when the voices in your head are out of control.

Cole Gibsen – moderator

Panelists: Cheryl Rainfield, T.M. Goeglein, Ellen Hopkins, Rachel Caine

Panel #3 –

CYBER-BULLYING: What to do when bullying follows you home.

Sarah Bromley – moderator

Panelists: Carrie Jones, Mari Mancusi, Lisa McMann, Shannon Messenger

Panel #4 –

BULLIES & LGBTQ: Walking tall in the face of adversity.

Antony John – moderator

Panelists: David Levithan, A.S King, Carrie Ryan, Andrew Smith

In short, we are gonna ROCK THIS THING, MINIONS!!!

So come out, if you can, and join us in an amazing day. Who knows? This might be your only chance!

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10 Responses to "A Million Ways to Win ARCs of THIRD STRIKE!"

  1. Blood Brained

    Auntie Heather you should finally do the cribs thing you said you were going to so we can see ALL your cool stuff. 😈
    P.S. you should show us amenti because you don’t even show us pics of her no facebook and stuff.
    Yours In Eternity
    Blood brained

  2. Dakota

    When does Soulbroken come out?

  3. Kaiti Z

    I posted it on my deviantart page!Sorry that I couldn’t post it on youtube, but the meanie comment box wouldn’t let me. :/


  4. BlondBLood

    Your lucky it’s hot by you! It’s closer to 50 degrees here in Michigan now… :/? Eyeballs are pretty cool. Looking at actual ones in humans is fun, if you can look at them without being creepy….

  5. Hana

    @Dakota: Soulbroken is slated for an August 20th, 2013–23 days left!–release, according to Goodreads and Amazon. The site’s often reliable for that information.

  6. I posted your vlog on Twitter and Facebook but YouTube wouldn’t let me put the links to them in a comment so I figured I would leave them here.

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vampi.aubrey/posts/492101550879996

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/vampireaubrey/status/362413422513627136 :mrgreen:

  7. Berserker

    For the tickets of YA Lit/anti-bullying conference called Less Than Three would I get them by mail or email since I called the number they say if i have any question but when I called the lady didn’t know what I was talking about. thx u

  8. Kaitlyn

    Thanks for talking about writing. I find your obsession with eyes kinda awesome….speaking of eyes, will you please explain Snow’s eyes? I, along with all of the other minions, would greatly appreciate it!

  9. Auntie Heather, you should do a tutorial on how you do your everyday makeup! just a suggestion!
    your minion,
    VladLuvr 😉

  10. Calum

    hey aunty just a thew questions
    ➡ when will third Strike be realesed in new Zealand: its annoying because everything is always different from the northen part of the world and nz always gets things like manga anime and books late.
    ➡ also when will soul broken be realesed in nz love soul bound and cant wait for the sequeal especialy with the cliff hanger 🙄 :mrgreen: 😉 😯

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