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17 Responses to "And She Sparkled…"

  1. Megan

    I loved this, Auntie. Please keep doing story time. You picked a perfect book to read to us, it made me a bit teary to be honest. Lots of love xx

  2. isis_and_kid

    Wonderful!! Umm, I was wondering, what if we sent you our stories that we were writing? Would you maybe read them and give us some feedback? I don’t know about everyone else, but I think i would be really cool to have someone as awesome as you give us feedback. Maybe the best ones you could read at story time. Just an idea. πŸ™‚

  3. tatsuhara

    This was an amazing book Aunty Heather! I loved the way you read it and how it made me feel sad….one of my favorite sayings is ‘Now you know why Peter Pan didn’t want to grow up’…this book defines that and you should continue with Story Time….Thank You so much Aunty Heather!

  4. Kaitlynn

    Wahhh Auntie Heather that was awesome. Loveing that your reading awesome books to your minions. I wants more <3

  5. Anthony Michalak

    “What’s more fun than the Apocalypse?” That is a good question, Auntie Heather. What IS more fun than the apocalypse?

  6. Alyson the Bloody

    This made me feel like mom was reading to me again. Please do this again, this story sang out to me.

  7. Allison

    Auntie Heather! Do you read any manga or watch any anime?(:

  8. Brittina

    This story is just what I needed to kick me back onto my feet again, Aunty heather =) you truly are an inspiration and you really do sparkle ~_~ and sometimes, because of you, I believe I do too πŸ™‚ thank you so much!!! Goodnight!! ~_~

  9. olivia

    That was wonderful!! Thank you Auntie Heather so much for that. I needed that. πŸ™‚

  10. Millie

    I love this!!! c: Thank you Auntie Heather!! πŸ˜›

  11. DavidMatthew

    Auntie…i must ask, when is soulbroken coming out!? soulbound has been my favorite book of yours and i need to at least know when to expect another one..
    lots of love <3

  12. mike

    dear auntie heather are you ever going to transfer the rest of the vlad books into grahpic novel form like you did with 8th grade bites? will we ever see 9th grade slayes the grahpic novel? 10th grade bleeds and so on?

  13. Lydia

    Auntie Heather, I think that the definition of “mature” has been lost. Culture, at least in the US, deems that being mature consists of engaging in adult activities. Is there no other reason why video games with heavy amounts of gore and sex have the “MATURE” sticker tacked onto it? Or that a person must be “mature” in order to gain access to certain clubs? Personally, I don’t think that buying that video game or going to that club makes one mature. In fact, I think that many times it is the opposite: that it is more mature to do things like dance and sing and go on playgrounds than to have sex with many people and smoke dope. I like to think, perhaps like you, that being mature is to be responsible and wise. I DO think that a person can be both happy and responsible, joyful and wise while being mature. An adult can totally hang out by the swings, put glitter in her hair, and say, with total honesty, that she is mature.

  14. John

    Aunti Heather, in terms of writing can you discuss your editing process? I’m an absolutely awful editor so I end up making alot of mistakes in my writing.
    Thanks <3

  15. Hana

    Ahh, story time was just as awesome as I predicted it’d be…sad it’s over but I’m glad it ended on a happy note. (Now I’m trying to imagine the little girl/the woman didn’t get executed from some sort of heresy for her supposed deviant behaviour…)

    BTW, Auntie, I came across a really scary game with an asylum, inhuman patients, and super secret science projects conducting in said asylum. Oh, and did I mention gore? Lots of gore. And you play a reporter who knows nothing about how to defend himself–it’s all stealth work, hiding from enemies in the dark. It’s a computer game called ‘Outlast’ and it comes out sometime this summer.

    My sister and I were thinking of playing Last of Us, but I have my hands full finishing up Lollipop Chainsaw and Fatal Frame 3 once I’m free from summer school next week. FREE, I tell you!

  16. Hana

    I forgot to leave some questions concerning publishing:

    1) What are the pros and cons of self-publishing (in your opinion, Auntie)?

    2) Would agents/publishers accept pre-published material? For example, if I were to publish on sites like FictionPress, Wattpad, Quotev, Figment, etc.?

    3) During the query process, if I don’t get any bites on a current story–i.e. rejection after rejection–when do would I know when to quit, shelf that story, and write the next one?

  17. Julia

    I realize this is not relevant but why don’t you talk about your book Soulbroken coming out? 😳

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