Listed below are places where it is perfectly acceptable to stalk me (unless I stalk you first – that could happen anywhere, really). Please note that it is not acceptable to stalk me in any bathroom anywhere ever, or in certain parts of Canada.

~Note: if you don’t see an appearance near you, please check back, as times & locations do change~

NO CURRENT APPEARANCES ARE SCHEDULED. If you want me to come speak at your library/school/scary cabin way out in the woods, just drop me a line to discuss my fee. Also, don’t be surprised that I charge a fee. Contrary to some people’s opinions, authors like myself do require sustenance to live. But not a lot. Mostly Starbucks.

Also – Just FYI:

* I’m happy to take pictures with Minions, time permitting, but posed photos will have to wait until after the signing.

* Most of the events will feature bookstores who carry all of my titles. If there are books you want that you don’t have yet, you can buy them from the event bookseller (which is a super fangtastic way to thank them for hosting me, Minions!). If you want to bring books from home for me to sign, please contact the location of the event to ask if it’s okay to bring them. If they say it’s okay, I would be happy to sign them too!

* Signing limit: I will sign ALMOST anything (there was a time when I said I’d sign “anything”…until a Minion asked me to sign their butt – which I declined). I’ve signed everything from necks to shoes to cell phones, A BABY (which I’m incredibly proud of), and yes, books too. If the bookstore is cool with it, all books will be signed (one will be personalized), but only one item above and beyond books can be signed, due to time constraints. Otherwise, you could be waiting forever and my hand might crumple up and fall off…which makes writing really difficult. (Trust me. It’s happened before. Twice last week, actually.)