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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Party at Vlad's House!!!

Okay, actually, it's not at Vlad's house (Nelly would probably kill him). It's at Borders in Fairview heights, Illinois. Today, from 3pm to 7pm.

There will be a vampire costume contest, games, drawings for cool stuff (like Vlad hoodies, a t-shirt, an iPod Nano engraved with Vlad's Mark, and MORE!), and ME! Plus, you can pick up your copy of TENTH GRADE BLEEDS. I'll autograph it to you. We can hang out, eat Vlad cookies, Vlad suckers, and Vlad cake! It's a PARTY, Minions!!!

So, if you can be there, be there. If you can't, gather a bunch of Minions or would-be Minions and hold your own party in Vlad's honor. And send Auntie Heather pics!

Also, for those Minions that have already read TENTH GRADE BLEEDS...thanks for keeping the secret and not divulging what happens to your fellow Minions. :)=


Blogger Ben said...

Hey Auntie! I loved TGB. Read it all of last night until 5:00 am.(Just got it last night.....) Anyway, me and my friends had national goth day on thursday to celebrate the release! It was so much fun since most of my friends aren't goth in the first place.

By the by.... Can you please have another art contest? Cause I finally have a scene that I want to draw.

Anyway..... Have a good one Auntie and all you fellow minions.

9:43 AM  
OpenID k4evr134 said...

i am officially the sadest minion
i live in ct and i just asked my m om to drive me and she said nooooo
plus i only have 2 friends who read the series but one hasent read it yet and the other says the books arent that good(i am planning to punish her for saying this) and when i ask ppl to try the series they say that they like twilight only when they havent even tried to read the books!!!!!!!!!!!! i am beyond sad and feel like someone slapped me =[

enjoy the party auntie heather

11:05 AM  
Anonymous alexis said...

hey, i really wish i could make it to the party, but i live too far away. :[ but i just finished tgb, and i absolutely love it! <3 i'm not gonna spill anything, but....yeah...

11:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

aww auntie! dont tell me this! i wanna cum sooo bad!!!! i cant wait to read the book!

12:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello "Auntie" Heather. I have just finished Eighth Grade Bites and I think that your a great writer. It was a great story but I found one problem with it. I guess its more of an opinion statement but I think that you made a mistake in an article of clothng for vlad. In the book he is looking through his dresser drawer looking fot his box, and he says that everytnihg was in check, socks and boxers. This here is the problem. Vladimir is the kind of goth/gamer-nerd that would wear briefs (AKA tighty whtiies to those of you still immature enough to call them that) not boxers. I am this kind of a kid and see a lot of myself in Vlad. I think that in future books you should have him switch.

1:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i wanted a purple iPod nano with vlad's mark on it!! but i couldnt go because of 2 reasons:
1. my parents didnt want to drive 4 5 hours (its only 5 hours!!! & its 4 a great cause!)
2. i had 2 go 2 my dads company pinic instead (it was outside it was hot i didnt hav tht much fun al though i got an octopus painted on my hand:)=)
anyway so im one very sad minion and im not talking 2 any1 in the family 2day or 2marow(its wht they get)

8:58 AM  
Anonymous VladGirl13 said...

I bought the book on Thursday and finished it. IT WAS SO GOOD! I wish I could make it to the party.

9:56 AM  
Anonymous Ember said...

Hey Auntie!

I loved 8th Grade Bites and 9th Grade Slays! I even got my friends to read them(even the one friend I have that doesn't like to read loved them!) and I'm going out to buy 10th Grade Bleeds today! I just wish that I checked your site sooner. I definately would have come to Fairveiw heights, Illinois...even if I do live in Jersey. xD

I was wondering if there was someplace I could buy a Vlad hoodie from the Eigth Grade Bites cover...? When I first got the book I even remember thinking that having a hoodie like that would be awsome!

Anyway, I loved the first two and can't wait to read the third! My birthday is tomarrow, so me buying it will be like a b-day present to myself!

Keep on writing Auntie! Your amazing and I can't wait to get my hands on Tenth Grade Bleeds!!

<3 Always,
An Avid Reader and Forever a Minion :)=

11:07 AM  
OpenID aikoyamashina said...

I still need to get my copy of the book!!!! ><

1:06 PM  
Anonymous FReAK13 said...

Gaah, this party sounds better then all of your others. I wish I can magically teleport there. (HHH)

AND, I still need to get a copy of your book. Will do soon .. hopefulyl.

2:05 PM  
Blogger Ben said...

I would like to smack whoever is stupid enough to pick out that small of a detail. REALLY? You can't just like the book, you have to pick out something like what underwear he wears! REALLY?

3:00 PM  
Anonymous vamps333~halfebil said...

lol its k underwear child lol
...the 27th was my moms bday so i couldnt have gone... i 4got lol i have tgb but im gogin to reread thme b4 i start it... might b awhile lol

7:53 PM  
OpenID aejuhasz said...

aaaaaaahhhhh!!! im so sad, my parents said absolutely not when I asked them if I could go to the party(I was an extremely sad minion, I couldn't even watch it on blogtv because we had to go to a family thing(darn!!)) but I got the book on thursday and read it and i gotta say that this is favorite!! I made my mark and it looks like this: (:/) sooooooooo cooool!!!! thank you Auntie Heather for these awesome books, it's fun to think of someone like Vlad(hes so coool!!!! :)= ) maybe you could put a purple iPod with Vlads mark on it up as a contest prize!! Hope the party was awesomeness!!!
Your Minion In Eternity,
Aniko (:/) :)=

8:49 PM  
Anonymous duytran said...

i love your book i been read all the the chronicles of Vladimir Tod but the party i cant too sad

9:06 AM  
Anonymous FReAK13 said...

Aaaaah, Im FINALLY getting your book tommorow. I've been waiting forever. I cannot wait. Tgb sounds awesome, especially since I keepon reading about people making their own mark or something. One more day, then I can FINALLY get your awesome book. :D

9:39 AM  

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