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It's here! It's here! My amazing cover for my next book, THE BLOOD BETWEEN US! Those awesome peeps over at Epic Reads unleashed the fabulous into the world just a moment a ago (including a personal letter from yours truly), but I wanted to make sure you Minions got to see it.


























Growing up, Adrien and his sister, Grace, competed viciously for everything. It wasn’t easy

Uncle Zac’s *TENTATIVE* DragonCon Schedule!

The below information is my TENTATIVE program schedule for DragonCon. This can change, but as we have just TWO WEEKS until the con, I thought I'd give you Minions a heads-up! Convention Dates are Fri(9/4/15), Sat(9/5/15), Sun(9/6/15), and Mon(9/7/15) ------------------- Title: YA Urban and Contemporary Fantasy Description: Fantasy isn't just dragons and knights - come see how contemporary characters and places feature in young adult fantasy! Time: Fri 04:00 pm Location: A707 - Marriott (Length: 1 Hour) (Tentative Panelists: Delilah S. Dawson, Gwenda M

Coming Out (also, a bit about a cheeseburger)

Minions, YOU Could Be An Extra In Auntie Heather’s New Book Trailer!


Gather ‘round, Minion Horde! Auntie Heather wants YOU to be an extra in her live-action trailer for THE CEMETERY BOYS—her first ever stand-alone book! Five (5) teenage guys, Three (3) teenage girls needed. Filming will take place the week of April 13, 2015 in Woodlawn, Bronx, New York City. Please contact director Jason Roer for further information at!

Who Wants A Countdown Widget??

Minions, the amazing folks at HarperTeen have created a fantastic countdown widget for THE CEMETERY BOYS - and you can TOTALLY FEEL FREE TO STEAL IT AND POST IT EVERYWHERE. (FYI: It's totally normal that you can't click on the link below to view/post-it only works if you embed it as code.) So go forth, Minion Horde! And let the countdown begin. Watch for the widget on my site soon! Here's your code: <script src=""></script>