Coffin Up New Scenes

(Get it? Coffin–coughing? Oh man, if that title doesn’t win the Cheesiest Title of the Year Award…)

At times, a writer may face the perilously icky task of inserting entire new scenes into their novel-in-progress. There are two options for exactly how to do this. Option #1: Curse, throw a hissy fit, toss your computer & every disk (don’t forget the flash drive) you have that deals with your book’s contents out the window, flat-out refuse to write the damn thing, and maybe go for Ben & Jerry’s Heath Bar flavored ice cream or…

Option #2: Just sit down and write it.

After debating the first option for several minutes yesterday, I went with option #2. It was difficult, challenging, and the most wonderful torture I’ve endured in quite some time. The scene I wrote was compelling, tender and sweetly sad. (At least, I think it was) So when it comes to doing something you may not want to do, like inserting an entire scene where Smythe (may he rest in peace) had once been, sometimes the best advice is a Nike ad.

Just do it.

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