3 Responses to "Coming Out (also, a bit about a cheeseburger)"

  1. Bhunivelze

    It’s going to take a little while to adjust to calling you uncle Zac now. I’m just too used to auntie heather. I even have a story on quotev where you guest star as the extremely busy principle lol.

    I’m happy for you regardless of anything auntie…err…uncle Zac.

  2. Ivy

    I’m so happy for you, Uncle Zac. Oh, and I love your cat. XD

  3. Lukas

    HEY! So I just saw this and it made my day! I read the Vladamir Tod books in middle school and was just thinking about buying the whole series to keep on my shelves, and when I saw this I got unreasonably excited (because I’m also a trans dude) DUDE ZAC YOUR SO COOL AND YOUR BOOKS ARE AWESOME AND I ALWAYS THOUGHT YOU WERE COOL BUT NOW I LIKE SUPER LOOK UP TO/ENVY YOU 😀 😀 😀

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