Did Auntie Heather kill a YA Scream Queen?

What a silly question. Did I kill a YA Scream Queen? OF COURSE I DID.

But I did it for a very good reason. And it’s not like I killed them all. Just one. One very deserving YA author. I did it, of course, for Joss. The vampire Slayer? Yeah. He had some pretty convincing proof to show me. There was no other way.


Oh, there’s no evidence left to incriminate me, of course. I’m as well trained as any Slayer. I know what to clean-up, where to hide, and how fast to move before I’m caught. So…yeah. I killed a YA Scream Queen.

The question is….which one?

And who’s next…?

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6 Responses to "Did Auntie Heather kill a YA Scream Queen?"

  1. bhunivelze

    On page 171 of third strike and I just love the legacy of tril reference auntie

  2. Dear Heather Brewer,
    Im asking a huge favor for you. My Creative Writing Club is going to Warrensburg, Missouri. Where we can get authors signatures. I was crying when i figured out you live in Missouri. I live in California Missouri. Im a huge fan of your Vladimir Tod series. I was just wondering if you could come down to Warrensburg…it would mean the world to me.
    Your Eager Reader,

  3. I love this book. I that there will be a movie.:)

  4. Victoria

    I loved the 4th book, although the 5th one was my favorite. You are an amazing author auntie and The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod has inspired me.

  5. Dear. Heather Brewer

    I was wondering, if you are willing. Would you please visit Dakota High in Illinois please i think that it would do them some good for their bullying problems and their writing classes, to listen to someone like you. I thought that you could talk to them about, how you feel when you write and when you create your masterpieces, because i think it would do at least a little good. If i didn’t think it would do good i wouldn’t be asking, but if you could i would love that and it would also give me a chance to meet an AMAZING author. Thanks
    Your loving minion,

  6. rose liam

    zac can you please come to Lawrence Jones middle school because my best friend Andi and i think of you as a hero to find out were are school is go to are school in Rohnert park can you come to are school to teach about bulling

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