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    I really miss the Facebook group… it just seems like people aren’t as active on here as they were on Facebook. There have been several times where I though, “I want to share this with the Minion Horde!” but then I remember that the FB group is gone and the forums here seem kinda deserted… I like the idea of a forum, but it just seems like people aren’t as apt to come here because they aren’t scrolling along everyday like on Facebook. Anyway, that’s just how I feel… maybe we could have a forum and a Facebook group? IDK…

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    The HB forumers group is still up on FB but no one has posted since April. You could join that- Uncle Z just won’t be there because he dropped FB for his own self-care.

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    Z Brewer
    Z Brewer

    What Angel said. I can’t do Facebook anymore, Minions. If you want to post on a page dedicated to the Minion Horde there, feel free.

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