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    Z Brewer
    Z Brewer

    Let’s be honest, Minions. Back in the heyday of #CoVT we had a forum and it was great. But this is another time, and things have changed. This forum…it’s not working, is it? It’s not what I wanted for you. And I’m sorry.

    There’s so much spam and so many bots, and I am so busy, it’s hard to keep track and clean it all up. It’s hard to be here with you, when that’s what I want to do.

    I’m considering getting rid of it and starting a Discord channel or something. Or just focusing on writing, with the occasional Twitter activity and All The Instagram.

    But I want to hear your thoughts.

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    I think that a discord channel could be beneficial for us and work well, especially if we all would like to stay connected. The app is all set to use and you can have the link to the discord set to unlimited uses for an unlimited amount of time so everyone who wants to join can. I run my own channel with some people and it runs very smoothly! I think it would be more user friendly. But that being said, if a discord would be too much to maintain then I feel doing the occasional twitter/instagram thing would be okay- whatever works best for you! I appreciate all the effort you went through to make this site for us though, it’s pretty rad because I feel like not that many people would do that! Regardless of your decision I’m thankful that you’ve worked so hard to give us all a safe place to go to

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    ^ I agree with all of this.

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    I agree with Angel. I think forums are just dying in general (even with the other roleplay sites that I’m participating in). As long as the discord is properly monitored and managed, I think it would work better and you wouldn’t have to create your own app for it. But at the end of the day, whatever works best for you Z!

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