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    Welcome to Lamarck Academy

    “When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost;                                                when character is lost, all is lost.”

    Hidden away in No Return Wilderness, Idaho is an old Academy that seems to be in disrepair. It’s large, dark, and the few locals that know of it’s existence say it’s haunted, but they’d never tell you. No one ever asks. Every year there is a handful of children dropped off in this tiny town, expecting to see an exceptional boarding school. Instead, they see a town frozen in the 1930s. When they turn back to inquire with the cab driver who dropped them off, they find nothing but a thin veil of mist where the cab was moments ago. The children wander the town and ask their questions. The town speaks quietly, and in riddles. The children come to the edge of the town and look up at the trees that seem as tall as skyscrapers. An old women shuffles out of a rattled shack nearby. She holds her shaking hand. Her skin as tough as leather yet as wrinkled as a prune. The gesture is expectant of the small group of children. She knows who they are. She knows where they need to go. One of them hands her a ripped piece of yellowed papyrus with a symbol on the front and the the printed letters of LA on the back. She runs her hand over the paper and a smile crosses her face. The children look on to the forest and do not notice this. The lady shoves the paper back into the child’s young, soft hand.

    “He who submits to fate without complaint is wise,” the old woman spoke softly, yet all of the children jumped as if she screamed. “He waits for you in the heart of the wilderness.” The old woman points to the forest. Saying no more, she turns and hobbles back to her shack.


    You have been chosen by the Director of Lamarck Academy. You were not chosen for any reason other than having divine blood. No one knows anything else of you. You must travel to the heart of the wilderness and locate this academy to learn more about your other parent; a God or Goddess.


    ((Hey guys! I figured I’d kick off the RP section with something a little familiar. This is an idea I’ve been kicking around in my head for a year or so. I was going to make it a book but I figured I’d share it instead- I love the personalities others give to characters! I have a few rules and the character skelly but then hopefully we can kick it off!))


    – No more than three characters per person; I feel any more than that will get confusing!

    – Don’t have the RP gravitate towards only one or two people- Keep everyone involved; it’s only fun that way!

    – Your character should be a demi-god. My original idea was primarily Greek but lets not tie ourselves down- If you know of a kick but god or goddess from your own religion or a religion you’re into; do it up!

    – When you post, try to avoid one line replies. Try to be as detailed as possible, especially if you’re a writer. Don’t shy away! I personally found RPs to be good practice for my own writings!

    – And last but not least: PLEASE FOLLOW ALL OF UNCLE Z’S RULES!! THIS IS HIS FORUM AND THE RULES ARE POSTED EVERYWHERE! Let’s stay respectful while we have some fun!






    Divine Parent:

    Ability (if known):



    Have you known about your divine parent before the letter?:

    Anything extra:

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    Name: Alexia Black

    Age: 18

    Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

    Divine Parent: Hades (the only child)

    Ability (if known): Unknown

    Personality: Quirky, creative, strong headed. She is shy around people when she first meets them, but can generally warm up to them

    Looks: (will post later)

    Have you known about your divine parent before the letter?: No

    Anything extra: Alexia lives with her aunt and does not know either of her parents. She is extremely talented in the arts and helps her Aunt run their family music studio that enrolls ‘at risk’ kids in the California area

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    Oh! Time to get back into the Roleplay Fun Zone(tm)

    Name: Jose Manuel Kagai

    Age: 14

    Pronouns: He/Him

    Divine Parent: Susanoo

    Ability (if known): a control of water and water-based liquid (His favorite liquid to control is ink). In bad moods he can effect weather

    Personality: Sassy is his middle name, and its how he hides that he’s beyond awkward (he has a had time relating to others), but overall a good kid. he’s caring and has a good sense of humor. Quick to act – in both good and bad ways- there’s a reason this kid is covered in scars



    Have you known about your divine parent before the letter?: Si! My mama and papa are in love you doofus. I have three other siblings with one on the way!

    Anything extra: His mother is Spanish (European Spanish) and for their safety and security they all live in the middle of friggin nowhere Montana. He’s still a little sore about the lack of arm don’t bring it up if you don’t have to, guys

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      (Was this suppose to be a character outline? I can’t see anything- your message is marked as private)

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    (Sorry, I don’t know how that happened. Hopefully this works)


    Name: Rhea Woods

    Age: 16

    Pronouns: She/Her

    Divine Parent: Athena

    Ability (if known): Limited Foresight, Can see glimpses of a possible future but it is always in images that seem random

    Personality: Mainly calm and soft spoken, but able to take charge when need be and has a terrible temper when pushed too hard. Thinks before acting, and always tries to find the best solution. Overall, very easy to get along with anyone and a great keeper of secrets.

    Looks: About 5 foot and has a small frame, dark brown hair with silver/grey eyes

    Have you known about your divine parent before the letter?: No, it is all news to me

    Anything extra: Rhea had to adapt often as she constantly moved around because of her family where they never stayed in a place for more than a year. Though she found everywhere she went had a library and that became a constant home for her.

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    Name: Themaris Theoria (pronounced “th” as in theory)

    Age: 22 (does she have to be 18?)

    Pronouns: she, her, hers

    Divine Parent: Themis, Greek Titaness. Goddess of Divine Order.

    Ability (if known): Often has visions of that which has not yet come to pass. Able to reasonably discern fact from fiction, albeit far from perfectly. Can sometimes feel the emotions of others.

    Calm, calculative. Strong sense of right and wrong. Is usually very objective in her way of thinking. Can unwittingly be somewhat standoffish when meeting others, but does her best to smile. Is always polite.


    Have you known about your divine parent before the letter?:

    Not before the letter, no.

    Anything extra:

    Themaris was raised by her father in the city. He works long hours in his office as a prosecution attorney and so Themaris found herself alone most days after classes. That means she lives pretty self sufficiently, does her own cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping. The cooking she enjoys, the cleaning not so much. She reads avidly to kill time, most people find her with her nose buried in a book of some sort. Her favourite genre are crime mysteries, but she has a romantic side tucked away somewhere. Life was pretty smooth until she had what she could only explain as a vision. It was indistinct, but left her with a sense of foreboding. The first of many occurred only a month before it happened, and then Themaris was picking up the phone to the sound of Victor’s hoarse voice on the other end of the line. Victor, her father’s chief prosecutor, never had any reason to dial her cell. Her knuckles were bone white as she clenched the now 100 pound grocery bag in her fist, standing beneath the shelter of the supermarket. He was clearly shaken, nothing ever really fazed him, but his words couldn’t have been delivered with more clarity, even over the heavy patter of rain. Her father had been poisoned; he was weak, but alive. She was already hailing a cab, and climbing in before they hung up. He’d meet her at the hospital in 20 minutes. She was there in 7, and at her father’s side in 10. He told her to go, that Victor would explain, but she already knew. When Victor arrived with that letter, she knew it meant she would be leaving. That whatever happened, her father would be fine. At 11:42pm, he slipped into a coma, but she wasn’t afraid. She would find out who did this, and by the God’s, they would pay.

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    Name: Alexander

    Age: 19

    Pronouns: He/Him

    Divine Parent: Not a parent, but blessed by Hephastis

    Ability (if known): Nothing god-like; he has super strength and is an exceptional engeneer

    Personality: great charisma and force of personality, but his character is full of contradictions. He has the ability to motivate anyone or any group to do what seems to be impossible

    Looks: (later)

    Have you known about your divine parent before the letter?: Yes

    Anything extra: He’s One of the Heads of Houses at the academy and has known of his ability since he was six, going to live at the academy at that age. He is the reincarnation of Alexander the Great



    (I meant to post this earlier but was debating it- but obviously I decided it would be a good addition to our story)

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    Well it seems like Jose is going to be the baby of the group. I am happy with this))

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    (So we have 5 characters so far. Are we satisfied with that to start or do we want to wait for more?)

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      (I’m fine with either option)

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    Name: Whitmore Ajax Miles IV

    Age: 17

    Pronouns: He/Him

    Divine Parent: Hecate

    Ability (if known): An extension of his physical reflexes, he is able to see what is about to happen moments beforehand and react accordingly. He has, on occasion, also been able to see the various outcomes of potential choices allowing him to make the best decision. His ability is relatively knew to him, and he still hasn’t quite worked out all the kinks.

    Personality: He can be best describe as a walking contradiction: highly intelligent and equally creative; as bold and brash as he is reserved and cautious. Though he generally gives an air of “strong and silent,” particularly around new faces, he quite enjoys making friends and can become quite carefree once he has grown comfortable around new people. He still won’t have much to say – but he always has something to write. If he’s not writing or reading, he can be found drawing, playing guitar, or coding some new feature into his favorite computer game.
    He prefers to be called Spike, as he has a great distaste for his name though he will never admit to it, and as such introduces himself as “Spike. Just Spike.”

    Looks: Adam Gallagher as Whitmore Ajax Miles IV

    Have you known about your divine parent before the letter?: No.

    Anything extra: After his father died under mysterious circumstances when his was 8, Spike was sent to live with his godfather, Prof. Seamus Gallese, a historical scholar and world traveler. While being raised traveling the world had it’s merits, it also proved to be rather lonely at times. At age 13 he adopted a Siberian Husky/German Shepherd Mix (Gerberian Shepsky) he named Damask.

    Damask is no mere K9 companion however, he is specially trained as a service animal to aid Spike with his anxiety. Much like his owner (and as is common behavior for both his parent breeds) Damask is wary of new people and will often keep himself between his charge and those unfamiliar faces until he deems them friendly. The more vocal of the duo, Damask can be quite mischievous though he is fiercely loyal and despite his standoffish demeanor he is really quite a softy.

    Gerberian Shepsky (German Shepherd Husky Mix)

    Yours in Eternity, Love Always - Charles Donté (|-=\) ❤;
    May We Meet Again. Fly On.

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    (Okay great! I think we should start- we have a good number of characters. I can leave the RP open for a bit incase anyone else wants to join)

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    (There seems to be a lot of characters that have the ability to see the future, so I’m just going to change my character’s ability to make it more diverse)

    Rhea Wood’s Ability: Skilled in both hand to hand and weapons combat, and able to be a tactician

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    (Hey, should I change Themaris’ age? I have her at 22 right now, but should I go to 19? Or lower even? I don’t mind. Also, I tried attaching an image, but it didn’t show up. How do I do this part lol? I’m ready to start any time now ^_^. Should we establish a posting order?)

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      (I think the ages should be 19 or below to keep it consistent, but it’s not really a huge deal. Also I have no clue how to do the images either so if anyone could help out there, that’d be great haha And for posting order- I’ve never done that. From my experience on the old forum, it’s been the creator who kicks it off and then whoever comments next and we sort of build off of eachother)

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        I posted an edited version ^_^ figured out the picture thing.

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    I’m new to RP (and forums in general) and I was just wondering why all of your replies are in parentheses? Is it because we’re talking out of character?

    Would also like to add, if any of you are familiar with the Cartoon Network show Tower Prep, think preflex for Spike’s ability. With the addition of when he has to make choices in intense situations he can sometimes see the outcome of each choice and make the best decision.

    Yours in Eternity, Love Always - Charles Donté (|-=\) ❤;
    May We Meet Again. Fly On.

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      (Yes, the parentheses are because we talk out of character. If you need to comment anything outside of the RP just put it in parentheses so it’s not mistaken for commentary or anything pertaining to your character or the situation)

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    (Okay! I thought so but I wasn’t certain. Thank you for clarifying!)

    Yours in Eternity, Love Always - Charles Donté (|-=\) ❤;
    May We Meet Again. Fly On.

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    (I’ll kick this off with a side note; I’ll play all the minor characters (headmaster and teachers) so we have some push to the story without everyone worrying about having to have multiple characters)

    The panting of a young girl followed in close pursuit of the sneakers. She was a blur to the passing squirrels and birds perched on the damp bark of the birch trees. Wisps and small fly-aways of her chocolate brown hair glinted in the sunlight that was breaking its way through the pastel green leaves above.
    There was nothing that Alexia loved more than sitting on her porch, looking out at the bright scenery of a freshly fallen rain. However, at this very moment in time, she was barely skimming the scene around her, everything a rush of green and black from the road underneath her feet. She had completely forgotten about her flight today, something she would have normally been good about remembering had the trip not been planned six months ago. The only reason she was running to catch a cab in the town at the end of the mountain was because her friend Katie texted her and reminded her to let her know when her flight landed.
    By the time she had gotten to the end of the hill, her legs felt like vibrating jello about to collapse in on itself. She could see the gas station ahead through her rain streaked glasses. As she panted and pulled herself over to the shoulder of the main street, she pulled off her glasses and wiped them on her sweater sleeve. There was no understatement being made when it’s said that all she could now see was a bunch of blurred and mushed up colors and some shapes attempting to be objects. As she slid the black frames back onto her face, she looked out to the main street and jumped once the blurred objects became sharper again.
    “Hey, Hey, girl, you need a ride?” A young girl, probably about Alexia’s age was leaning out the window of a grey Taxi cab that, in faded letters on the side read, ‘The Three Fates Taxi Service- Getting you where you need to go in the BLINK of an eye Since ___BC’.

    Alexia had to blink as she read the last few words, and was leaning down to get a better look at the date. Before she could convince herself of what she was reading, the young girl slammed her hand against the old grey door and smiled at her as she jumped back up.
    ”You need a ride somewhere, sweetheart?”
    “Um… no. I mean yes, but-”
    “No buts about it-” the young girl smiled, “Come on in.”
    The grey taxi door opened abruptly and Alexia found herself being drawn into the tiny, busted up cab. As the door shut next to her, Alexia blinked to allow her eyes to adjust to the strangely dim surroundings. As she squinted ahead of her, a blast of blinding light suddenly appeared in the cab in front of her.
    “What the-” She gasped, shielding her eyes.
    “Oh, I’m sorry hunny,” A sweet voice drifted out behind the bright light before it was snuffed out again by the silhouette of a woman. As Alexia’s eyes adjusted yet again to the drastic change in light, she could see that the silhouette was a young African-American woman no older than 20. Her smile was sincere and made the gold blush on her cheeks sparkle in the stray rays of sunlight peaking out from the passenger side window. Her hair was thickly braided and the golden threads in it also glinted eloquently in the light. Her eyes were a warm, dark brown that instantly made Morgana swell with warmth and become overwhelmed with an odd sensation of comfort, compelling her to sink back into her seat.

    “I’m sorry my little sister scared you like that!” the young woman laughed, “She is very excited when we get such a lively customer!”
    “A … lively customer?” Alexia asked, slowly pulling her gaze from the woman and feeling compelled to look around the cab. To her shock, yet surprisingly non-discomfort, there was a transparent man sitting next to her, looking solemnly ahead. He was dressed in a long trench coat riddled with scratches and holes, and a fedora that looked weighed down by the rain that had passed outside.

    Alexia opened and shut her mouth like a fish attempting to eat and threw herself up against the cab door.
    “Scared?” A softer voice piped up from the front. “Don’t be! He’s dead so he ain’t gonna cause any harm.”

    “Aaaaaanyway,” the woman said, glaring down her younger sister, “we’re here to take you where you need to go.”

    “Th-the airport…?” Alexia asked.

    “If that’s where you need to go,” The woman smiled, started up the cab, and slid the privacy divider shut, leaving Alexia alone in the dark with a lost spirit.

    “We’re here!” the woman said, pulling the divider to the side and smiling at Alexia.

    Alexia was shocked to see such little sunlight. “Oh, um.. thank you.” Alexia opened the cab door and stepped outside, the door swinging shut behind her. “Wait…” she started, turning around to look at the cab. It was gone; the only sign anything had been there was the slight disturbance in the mist.

    “What is going on here?” she hissed under her breath. She looks around at a town that seemed to be frozen in the era of the great depression. The cold air and mist pierced through her light summer outfit consisting of a cotton shirt and black shorts. She peered around the town, slowly walking forward through the mist. She spotted some blurred figures ahead and approached the small huddled group at the edge of the forest.

    “Um … can anyone tell me where I am?” She asked, shivering and rubbing her arms in a lame attempt to keep warm.

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    Name: Themaris Theoria (pronounced “th” as in theory)

    Age: 18

    Pronouns: she, her, hers

    Divine Parent: Themis, Greek Titaness. Goddess of Divine Order.

    Ability (if known): Often has visions of that which has not yet come to pass. Visions may, at times, be triggered by touching an item or person, and once she was able to see a glimpse into an item’s past. She is uncertain if this ability can be honed. Able to reasonably discern fact from fiction, albeit far from perfectly. Can sometimes feel the emotions of others.

    Personality: Calm, calculative. Strong sense of right and wrong. Is usually very objective in her way of thinking. Can unwittingly be somewhat standoffish when meeting others, but does her best to smile. Is always polite.


    Have you known about your divine parent before the letter?: Not before the letter, no.

    • Anything extra: Themaris was raised by her father in the city. He works long hours in his office as a prosecution attorney and so Themaris found herself alone most days after classes. That means she lives pretty self sufficiently, does her own cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping. The cooking she enjoys, the cleaning not so much. She reads avidly to kill time, most people find her with her nose buried in a book of some sort. Her favourite genre are crime mysteries, but she has a romantic side tucked away somewhere. Life was pretty smooth until she had what she could only explain as a vision. It was indistinct, but left her with a sense of foreboding. The first of many occurred only a month before it happened, and then Themaris was picking up the phone to the sound of Victor’s hoarse voice on the other end of the line. Victor, her father’s chief prosecutor, never had any reason to dial her cell. Her knuckles were bone white as she clenched the now 100 pound grocery bag in her fist, standing beneath the shelter of the supermarket. He was clearly shaken, nothing ever really fazed him, but his words couldn’t have been delivered with more clarity, even over the heavy patter of rain. Her father had been poisoned; he was weak, but alive. She was already hailing a cab, and climbing in before they hung up. He’d meet her at the hospital in 20 minutes. She was there in 7, and at her father’s side in 10. He told her to go, that Victor would explain, but she already knew. When Victor arrived with that letter, she knew it meant she would be leaving. That whatever happened, her father would be fine. At 11:42pm, he slipped into a coma, but she wasn’t afraid. She would find out who did this, and by the God’s, they would pay.)
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    (Awesome! I’ll update my photos when I can, but for now let’s keep going~)

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    Huffing and puffing indignantly about somewhere near her is a disgruntled 14 year old, dressed in a sweatshirt with one of the sleeves tied in a knot (It’s useless and his mom hadn’t had a chance to tailor it so it might as well just be out of the way), jeans and hiking boots. His hair is a bit of a mess and he looks about ready to kick something.

    He’d just been ditched by a mysteriously empty bus that was supposed to take him into Missoula- the closest “big” city- so he could meet up with his mother and big brother for lunch. He should have known that the bus was bad news when it had been empty save for the the driver, who let him off in the spooky little town with the cryptic line that he was “where he needed to be”

    Needed to be? He needed to be with his family! The poor kid could feel his anxiety spiking as his eyes scanned for anyone.

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    (Happy to be starting now!!)

    As the sun starts to set over the horizon, the city still flows with life as the street lights flicker on and cars speed by to get to their destinations. Though there is still some remanents of daylight, it was getting close to curfew for a certain youth, and she already had a strike for the week so she couldn’t delay heading home.

    Rhea walks out of the library content with books in her bag, and a relaxing time recharging in her main haunt. Staying over at her aunt’s last night was taking a toll on her, and she couldn’t help stopping by the old building before heading home to more noise. Checking the time, she knew that taking the bus would make her really late getting back, so she decides to catch a cab to cut that time short.

    Waiting at the corner near a taxi sign, a grey taxi cab pulls up and she studies the grey cab for a minute. The side read “Three Fates Taxi Service” while the rest seemed faded. She’s never heard the name before, so she took pro-caution and stepped back a little. ‘One can never be too safe‘ she thought to herself as she sees the window roll down. Squinting, she can barley make out a figure in the shadows and that brought a chill down her spine.

    Just apologize and go to the bus stop, this wouldn’t be a go-‘ her train of thought cut sort when a calming voice spoke out, “Do you need a ride home sweetie?” From the voice, she can tell it belonged to a woman and she relaxed a little. “It’s getting pretty late for you, I would hate to see you get hurt out here.” There was something about this woman’s voice that made Rhea feel safe and draw her in, like the call of a comfy bed after a long day’s work.

    Rhea nods, letting her guard down. “I do need a ride home, it’s a little far with the bus.” Getting accustomed to the shadows, she can see the woman nod and she takes that as a welcoming sign.

    Entering the cab, she sees a dog already sitting there in the back. The dog is huge compared to her, and it takes her a moment to register the size of the animal. In the dark it’s hard to get a clear description, but she could tell it wasn’t a breed she had seen before. It looked more like a big wolf in her opinion. “Oh don’t worry about him sweetie, his bark is bigger than his bite.” Nodding, Rhea takes a seat beside the dog while the dog just watches her with a blank stare. “So where do I go.”

    “On the corner of Jasper and 82th street please.” The woman nods, and the cab slowly merges into traffic.

    Looking out the window, she watches the city buildings fly by and listens to the soft melody coming from the radio. The melody mixed with how tired she already was slowly pulled her to rest her head on the car door, letting her eyes close and bring her to comfortable sleep.

    Feeling the cab come to a stop, Rhea slowly starts to wake from her nap. “Wake up sweetie,” The cab driver’s soft voice woke her more, “it’s time for you to get up now.”

    Sitting up, Rhea rubs the sleep from her eyes. “Thanks.” She reaches for her bag to get her wallet. “How much do I owe you?”

    “Don’t worry, it’s free of charge.” Smiling, she groggily thanks the driver again and gets out of the cab. The moment she steps out of the cab, she is hit with light. Blinking, she looks around and sees she’s surrounded by a mist and daylight.

    Certain that the ride should have been only a few minutes, she rubs her eyes again. Only to be met with the same scene she saw, but with better detail. She can see buildings now, but these were not the ones she was used to seeing these past months, and turns to inform the driver that this was the wrong place. The cab was gone, and confusion and worry start to sink in.

    Taking in her new surroundings, she notices buildings needing repairs and solemn looking people walking about the streets. The clothes they were wearing were old fashioned, and their complexion looked pale. Rhea just knew she wasn’t in the city she was living in, but somewhere that seemed trapped in time.

    The air was cold, and she was grateful for bringing her black hoodie with her. Walking around, she sees that everywhere looked similar but none of it was familiar to her at all.

    When she gets to an area where the buildings were only two stories high, she can see beyond the buildings to a forest. The trees were huge, like the red wood forest, and in the back of her mind the thought of this place being like a cage started to form. ‘I knew it was a bad idea.’

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    (Does anyone know how to edit posts? I can’t find the button and I got some stuff mixed up in Jose’s intro post whoops)

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    (I think edits are timed. Like… I could EDIT Before, but now too much time has passed since posting. Just quote yourself if necessary, make edits to the quote. Remove quotations.)


    Themaris’ hand twitched towards the letter tucked away in her bag for what might have been the eighth or eightieth time. She wasn’t sure at this point. What she was sure of was that this whole thing was incredibly ludicrous. Sure, things had gotten… weird, for the lack of a better term, lately, but this just couldn’t be possible. When her vision showed her the school, she had the sense that it would empower her with knowledge enough to hone her skills and catch her father’s would-be-murderer. She had not, however, expected the letter to inform her of her mysterious mommy-dearest. Least of all the identity of whom being an ancient devine entity. Was that why father’s library had so many titles on Greek mythology? Had he even known? It did explain a few things…

    “Hold it together, Them…,” She sighed to herself, picking up a case file from Victor instead; reading the letter again was pointless. She’d flipped through this a few times as well, but there was more here she could have missed on who had had the latest contact with her father. Before she could really investigate further, the plane jostled abruptly. She quickly tucked it away, hoping loose papers wouldn’t go flying away on her. It seemed they were in for some turbulence, and what terrible weather this was to fly in. The seat belt light came on, she could only do as instructed at this point. She popped her earbuds in to try and relax, staring out the decently sized window at the storm clouds. Somehow sleep found her, thankfully the dreams had not. 

    When the plane landed the rest of her journey became as much of a blur as the rain and fog that blanketed the city. She hailed a cab. The humor and irony of the company name was not lost on her: “The Three Fates taxi service”. She suppressed the urge to feel either amused or intimidated, but decided it was a good thing. It made all of this more believable. Like it was some confirmation that this path was not some fool’s errand, and that so far this letter held true to its every word. The ride was… one for the books, to be sure. The blinding blink of light that consumed everything for barely a moment was the culminating crescendo and then she was surrounded again by dreary grey skies. She collected her things, guessing this was her stop. At this point she owed them a thank you considering she never even gave them directions. But when Themaris turned to do so, she was unsurprised to find them gone. She swore at least the tracks from the tires should have been left behind, but they were nowhere to be seen. It’s true the visions had made her a fraction more brave than in recent years, but there were just some things that would freak out just about anyone. Inexplicable vanishings of once assumed tangible objects and beings was one of those things. Themaris shivered involuntarily, turning back to her task at hand: finding the school. Maybe she should have given them the address after all. Looking at the frozen, dated, and rather dilapidated town, she presumed she was meant to find her way there… perhaps ask someone for directions? But things were very strange… it wasn’t just the buildings, but the people themselves seemed to move about as ghosts and wore clothing from decades past. This was most definitely not anywhere she believed she would find on any average map. If she’d had a dog named Toto she’d be telling him they weren’t in Kansas anymore. She shook her head, trying not to be unsettled.

    She began the walk, not at all bothered by having to stretch her legs, actually it was a welcome change to sitting still for what felt like the better part of the day. Themaris flicked open her black umbrella absently in some effort to keep dry. Glad to have come prepared; packing lightly with only a backpack and a small suitcase, wearing her warm belle peacoat atop a fitted knit sweater, leggings and her riding boots. The burgendy of her coat usually offset the chesnut of her long hair rather nicely, but in this rain and grey atmosphere it all seemed rather muted. She was also pretty sure her hair was seconds away from frizzing out of control. Trivial… She chastised herself.

    Going forward, her steps had taken her instead close to the edge of a forest, she thought she was heading towards the town, but it seemed her body knew where it was going even if her mind did not. There she caught sight of a small group, and what looked like another girl who appeared to be just as lost as she was. Come to think of it… The closer she came, they all seemed rather lost.

    Glancing from one to another, when she got close enough, she ventured; “I’m going to presume I’m not the only one here who’s ride disappeared without a trace…?” She was also fairly certain she wasn’t the only one with a letter in their pocket telling her something otherwise unbelievable, but she kept that to herself.

  • #1655


    Jose turned to the voice, walking over in that direction. The boy was desperate for someone who didn’t look like they were in a period piece about the depression. “H-hey!”

    He stumbled a bit, pausing to collect his balance. He’d rather not fall- getting up with only one arm is a hassle

  • #1662


    Alexia stood silently, looking around at the four others. “Does anyone know what’s going on? I just-”

    There was an eerie creak off to her left and she looked over to see an old woman, hunched and worn by the years, slowly peaking her head back out her cabin door. “He who submits to fate without complaint is wise,” the old woman spoke softly, her voice was like a recording as if she had said this many times before, “He waits for you in the heart of the wilderness. He waits for all of you. Except for the devils child.” The old woman hobbled towards the group, faster than she probably should have, stopping only a few feet before Alexia.

    “Show me your paper, child,” she said, hoarsely, for her voice had not risen above a whisper in many years.

    “Paper? What paper? What are you talking about?” She asked, backing away, yet being careful not to bump into the others that were around her.

    “All of you must have your papers. Show them to me. All of you. Now.” The old woman held out her hand expectantly, shaking with more violence than before.

    Alexia fumbled in her cargo shorts. Phone, keys, plane ticket. Plane ticket? She pulled the paper from her pocket and held it tightly in her hand, hiding it behind her back, waiting to see what everyone else pulled out. She could feel the anxiety rising in her, pressing on the center of her chest. Surely the old woman didn’t want her ticket, but she would wait to see what everyone else pulled out before speaking.

  • #1663


    Themaris regarded the old woman inquisitively for a moment, holding a hand out to her side towards the boy in a show of protectiveness. A silent gesture meant to ask him to keep back until she could sense the air. There were too many emotions whirring around them all; anxiety, confusion, hesitation, and a sense of urgency she assumed had to be the old woman. No mal-intent then?

    But what had the woman said, someone was waiting for us, all except the devil’s child? It was puzzling… but if Themaris was correct, then this group here might all have divine lineage…or something like it, it seems.


    She steeled herself, raising her chin and taking in a breath of the misty air. The letter that suddenly weighed what seems like fifty pounds was slid neatly in the hidden breast pocket of her coat. She drew it out as casually as she could, eyeing the others that they should follow suit. The school emblem was clearly visible on the parchment as she held it out to the old woman.

    “We have them, madam. Rest assured.” Themaris did her best to sound confident, in order to put the woman at ease in light of her growing shows of violence. “Would you perhaps be here to guide us to him?”


  • #1664


    Jose appreciated that he was at least acknowledged by one of them. When the woman mentioned that they all had letters he furrowed his brow slightly, hand reaching into the pocket of his sweatshirt where he felt it, pulling it out and staring at it “wait what is this for?” He asked out loud, his accent a little hard to pinpoint. He rocked uneasily on his feet “where even is this place?”

  • #1665


    Rhea was happy to see that there were others that seemed just as confused as she was, and the appearance of the old woman seemed like a clue to get out here. Wherever they are. As the old woman spoke, she studies the others through her peripherals and can see clear age differences between all of them. One stood out to be more confident than the others, and she concludes it’s because of her seeming to be the oldest.

    Seeing the paper from the eldest of the group, Rhea’s eyes grew in recognition. She digs through her bag and pulls out an envelope that she tried to destroy, thinking the contents inside was a huge joke only for it to come back time and time again.

    Taking the sheet out with the symbol on it, she noticed how it glowed for a second when she handed hers to the old woman and she got ready for something to happen. Quickly assessing her surroundings and thinking of an escape she could take with the others.

  • #1666


    It was late, the stars were out; most of the city would have turned in hours ago. Its absence was made obvious in the streets’ emptiness. Perhaps that was the appeal; having the city all to himself. Whitmore stood on the street’s corner waiting for the light to change, leaning causally against the lamp post, reading a worn paperback under its light. The cold air turned his breath to mist with every exhale, fogging his glasses every so slightly. He was of average height, with a lean build; though he always looked smaller with Damask, a German Shepherd/Siberian Husky Mix, sitting next to him.
    A gust of wind blew by as a faded gray taxi pulled up to the curb. He suppressed a shiver, pulling his toggle cardigan closed around his torso. Seamus was right, he should’ve worn a coat. Deciding that perhaps taking a taxi would be a wiser decision than braving the cold across town. Whitmore returned his book to the canvas messenger bag slung across one shoulder and, adjusting his grip on Damask’s leash, urged the K9 towards the vehicle.
    Upon closer inspection he could now see the company was called, “The Three Fates Taxi Service.” Beneath it there was something else inscribed, though faded to the point of being nearly illegible, he could’ve sworn he saw a year and the letters “BC.”
    With a sudden, and rather loud, creak! that caused Whitmore to jump back and Damask to position himself protectively in front of the boy, the driver’s side window started to roll down. A young African American woman, no more than her early or mid twenties, leaned out and gave them a gentle smile. There was something familiar about her, like the kind of person that you meet and feel like you’ve know them forever.
    “Need a ride, hon?” she asked, her voice was calm and soothing; almost motherly.
    He could feel Damask’s head press against him, his friend looking up at him as if to say, “Take the cab you fur-less dummy.” He nodded curtly, and the back door popped open as if his confirmation had commanded it.
    “Hop in!” the driver said. The was a bit of excitement in her voice, as if she had been awaiting this moment for years innumerable. There was another loud creak! as she rolled the window back up.
    Following Damask’s lead, Whitmore climbed into the cab, pulling the door shut behind him. Looking back through the divider at her newest passenger, she waited patiently for directions on where to go. It was a politeness he was unaccustomed to.
    With the click of his seat belt indicating it was now securely fastened, he said simply, “The library.”
    “Wherever you need to be, hon,” there was something knowing in her voice as she said it. She smiled warmly and slid the divider closed.
    The cab pulled away from the curb into the freedom of the night’s empty roads. Whitmore watched the city speed by out the window, absently scratching behind Damask’s ears as the pup rested his head on the boy’s lap. Everything was as it should be – right until a blinding white light filled the cab. It was gone just as fast as it had come.
    He was breathing heavy and his heart was racing, Damask was pressed tight to him, licking his hands trying to calm him; but the dog’s eyes never left the divider.
    When it slid open Damask’s muscles began to tense, but when the driver looked back, her expression concerned and apologetic, he relaxed and resumed licking Whitmore’s hand. “I’m so sorry, dear, didn’t mean to frighten you. It’s this old thing,” she slapped the dashboard with a bashful smile, “does that sometimes can’t for the life of me figure out why. I should’ve warned you. You go ahead take a minute, get yourself calmed down. We’re here when you’re all set, alright?”
    He nodded, confused. Confused by the light, confused by the woman’s kindness, confused by his already steadying breathing and slowing heart rate; but mostly, he was confused by the mysterious letter he had received this morning.
    Stepping out of the cab he adjusted the bag on his shoulder as his dog followed him out. Closing the car door he turned to leave, only to stop frozen in his tracks by the sight that meet his gaze.
    Nestled on the outskirts of an expanse of forest sits what appears to be a 1930s city neighborhood. As though someone had gone had and cut it from time and space to put it there. The very people look as though they had walked out of a noir film – and perhaps with all the muted color, they had.
    Whitmore turned to inquire with the cabbie, only to find that both she and the cab where gone. There was no trace that a cab had ever been there at all.
    He looked to Damask who merely cocked his head in mutual confusion.
    “H-Hey!” the voice came from across the way, just on the edge of the woods near an old cabin. A small group of teens was standing there, looking as confused and lost as Whitmore felt.
    He reached into his jeans pocket, pulling out the strange parchment letter. Before he could decide on a course of action, Damask gave a small ruff! and started towards the group, pulling Whitmore along. Tugging on the leash slightly, he watched carefully as one of the girls now spoke to an elder woman. They approached cautiously, stopping just behind the group in an attempt to remain unseen.
    “We have them, madam. Rest assured,” the girl sounded confident, her hair was brown not unlike his, it gave a nice contrast to her burgundy coat – even in this strange muted atmosphere. She held an umbrella. Fitting for the defacto leader. Among the group there were three others. A boy, probably a couple years younger than the rest, his dark hair was tied back and he bared lots of scars, Whitmore noted that one of his sweatshirt sleeves was tied off, an amputee maybe? He wouldn’t bring it up. A girl, shorter than average, small build, dark brown hair, black hoodie, hugging herself against the cold. A third girl stood cleaning her glasses on the hem of her shirt, she must live somewhere warm as she was dressed for summer in shorts.
    “Wait, what is this for?” the boy asked aloud, his voice was accented and he rocked uneasily on his feet, “Where even is this place?”
    Whitmore was called from his thoughts, looking around he noticed that some of the others held letters, much like the one he clutched in his hand. He stepped closer the group, Damask pressing impossibly close to him. He watched carefully as the girl wearing the hoodie rifled through her bag, pulling out the same letter. As she handed it to the woman standing before, the mysterious symbol glowed, if only for a second.
    Whitmore thought maybe now should be the time he spoke up. He held his silence. Damask always knew better than him when to speak.

    Yours in Eternity, Love Always - Charles Donté (|-=\) ❤;
    May We Meet Again. Fly On.

  • #1668


    The old lady continued to hold out her shaking hand until she held all four papers in her wrinkled palm. She pulled her unblinking eyes from Alexia and thumbed through the papers.

    “A child of Athena. A son of Hecate. A daughter of Themis. And a young son of Susanoo. Oh. So he is accepting other deities now…” the old woman’s voice became hushed only for her last words, “things are escalating …” She held all four papers up to the muted sunlight that had managed to shine through the thick fog. The symbols of the gods and goddesses etched in either silver or gold let off a light illumination in the faint sunlight. Without looking away, she held out her empty hand to Alexia.

    Alexia twisted the plane ticket in her hands and gingerly slid it into the old woman’s palm. Without hesitation, the old woman turned Alexia’s hand over, grabbed her wrist and pulled her with unexpected strength. This caught Alexia off guard and she fell to her knees in front of the old woman.

    “And the devil’s child,” she hissed, so low that none of the others could hear.

    “What are you talking about?!” Alexia gasped, attempting to pull away from the old woman, who had a grip of steel.

    The old woman stared unblinkingly down at Alexia, as if having an internal monologue. She slowly released her grip and composed herself. “This is the wrong paper, dear. However, Alexia,” she squinted at the plane ticket to read the name, “perhaps you may not completely jeopardize these children’s mission to the academy.”

    The old woman faced the group of children and smiled sweetly. Alexia scrambled to her feet and backed away. ‘What a nut job!’ she thought, rubbing her wrist.

    “My dears. Not that you are all present, you must venture into the woods now. The academy is waiting for you. And so is he.” She nodded, handed the girl with the burgundy jacket all the papers, and turned slowly. She hobbled back to her little shack and left them.

  • #1669


    Whitmore reached into his bag, removing a worn leather bound journal its edges frayed. Countless loose papers were tucked inside haphazardly. He opened to the most recent page near the back, at the top was scribbled “Mysterious Letter Cont.” followed by various notes regarding the letters contents, strange “visions” seconds before something happens allowing him to react, and everything he could find on the Goddess Hecate.

    Beneath it he added:

    Athena – Greek Goddess

    Themis – Greek Titaness

    Susanoo – Japanese God; Shinto

    “Devil’s Child” – Literal Devil as in Biblical Lucifer? Perhaps Hades? Could be Anubis, Odin, or a <i>shinigami</i> maybe

    Damask nipped his left hand, causing him to drop the pen he’d been writing with. Confused he looked up to see the the others looking at him expectantly. Before he could ponder why, there was a sound like rushing air and the edges of his vision blurred like LED lights in a vignette. He saw, or more accurately, sensed, one of them ask his name. Just like that the sound was gone and his vision cleared; the world silent save for the pitter-patter of the rain drops, and its colors muted, subdued, and dismal once again.

    Kneeling to retrieve his pen from the dying grass, Whitmore answered the question before anyone had the chance to ask: “Spike. Just Spike.”

    Straightening himself he resumed his writing, transcribing this most recent foresight. He paused only to gesture to his canine companion and say, “He’s Damask.” Giving a gentle ruff, the large, mostly russet colored dog began sniffing the ground around Spike’s feet.

    Yours in Eternity, Love Always - Charles Donté (|-=\) ❤;
    May We Meet Again. Fly On.

  • #1672


    Jose felt less and less like he knew what the heck was happening, and that feeling of tenseness in his shoulders… or, more accurately… shoulder- wasn’t leaving him anytime soon. He looked back at the guy who introduced himself  seemingly without prompting and his dog. Jose held onto his sweater sleeve as he looked at the others here, all older than him. Great. So that’s why the lady had called him the “young” son. Young compared to them, it seemed

    “Well uh, nobody asked” He shrugged “Pero supongo que es bueno saberlo?” He muttered the spanish to himself “so uh… anyone else getting ‘creepy horror movie’ vibes or….?” He tried to keep his tone light- mostly for his own sake. He didn’t know these people. He was tapping his foot behind him rhythmically- a tick to try to remain chill despite being in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people

  • #1675


    Rhea can sense that there was some serious tension going on, and it was making the group feel awkward to be around. But they were the only other ones in the same situation as her, so she knew they all had to stick together to get through this.

    Luckily, the youngest one of them asked them a question. It was a good start, and Rhea makes it a goal to try and bring a positive spin on this, hopefully releasing any tension. “I can see where you’re coming from with the horror movie thing, but I get more of a start to an exciting adventure.” She places a smile on her face as her arms move around as she talks, “It’s like we’ve all been chosen for a reason, and they’ve brought us here to teach us something.”

    As she talks, she sees that they just start at her with no reaction, and she just thinks she’s making a fool out of herself again. “Well, that’s my two cents on the matter.” She hides her worry that she talked too much, and smiles again. “And I’m Rhea by the way. And I don’t know what I’m doing really.”

  • #1687


    Themaris’ caught the dim glow of the other letter from her peripheral vision, and it confirmed her suspicions that each of them held a kind of divine aura. She watched carefully as the old woman took each of their letters, inspecting them idly as though she’d done it countless times before, and perhaps she had. Again, holding them up to the light, the emblems emblazoned on each letter emitted that ethereal glow.

    As she watched, Themaris noted another teen enter their rag tag group. She only afforded him a quick glance, however, because it was in the next moment where the girl who’d first arrived suddenly fell to her knees before the old woman. Themaris tensed, eyes quickly locked on the pair where she noticed the old woman had roughly pulled her down that way. Her own foot inched forward in readiness to pull the girl back, but she did not yet act. She did her best to listen, but there was something else… something Themaris was sure was said but had been too quiet to hear. She knitted her brows in thought over that, but the interaction was over as quickly as it had started and the girl, Alexia, was standing back up before Themaris could offer her a hand. The old woman handed Themaris all the letters and then turned and left them all with only one instruction.

    “Not here to guide us then…” she muttered quietly to herself. Themaris sighed and turned towards the group, listening to them all. The boy who just arrived seemed to have stilled a moment just before giving his introductions. That was familiar to her, and as the youngest gave his retort about no one having asked, Themaris couldn’t resist the upturned quirk of her lips.

    “Not yet, at least,” she approached them all absently, handing them each back their letters, beginning with Spike. She gave him the respect of not looking at the name written there, sensing he’d chosen Spike for a reason. Whether the woman was giving her responsibility or not, Themaris decided the last thing she wanted to do in this group that she sensed she’d be spending the next substantial amount of time with for as long as Chronos and the Fates saw fit, was to take charge without earning it. There were all equals here, and she was not her mother; she was in no position to place judgement.

    “My name is Themaris,” she said loud enough for them all to hear.

    She cleared her throat, approaching Rhea for her letter next. “I’m not sure any of us really know exactly what we are doing… but I believe you are correct, Rhea. There are higher powers at work here… we are certainly not here for a vacation. Whether or not we are in for horror or adventure, however, I’d say we could always flip a coin,” she added with a shrug. It was her dry attempt at humor, also trying to lighten the mood. She handed Jose his letter, smiling reassuringly, but not sharing his name even as she saw it at a glance etched into the parchment, then made her way to Alexia, speaking as she went.

    “Our only option is to go forward,” she went on, nodding her head in the direction of the deep wood. “This is after all ‘where we need to be‘.”

    She smiled subtly, trying to be reassuring, and lowered her voice as she spoke to Alexia.

    “Are you alright?” Themaris asked her, hand outstretched offering the letter back to her.

  • #1690


    Alexia shook her head and kept her hands close to her. “Might as well toss it. It’s a plane ticket, and I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be making my flight.” her tone was flat, yet her face showed disappointment. “I didn’t get a letter like the rest of you. But that cab dropped me here, so there’s nothing I can do about that. I’ll help as best I can, but …” she dropped her voice low enough for only Themaris to hear, “I don’t think “he” is expecting me. I’ll go in first. I live near the red woods and I can navigate them without a map. Plus … if one of us doesn’t make it, it might as well be me.” She stopped rubbing her wrist and slid her hands into her pockets. She shrugged slightly and stepped around Themaris.

    “Let’s go, kiddos,” She smiled warmly, her voice strong and demanding. She had plenty of practice with conducting groups of confused teens from working in her Aunt’s at risk program, so how hard could a group of young adults and one kid be?

    “If we keep standing around here twiddling our thumbs, we’ll just freeze.” Alexia headed into the woods, taking what looked to be an over grown path. The ground was damp and gave in slightly under her sneakers, but the forest gave off a smell she was all too familiar with from the large red wood trees she lived next to. She looked up into the sky, thinking it might be slightly difficult to navigate should it get darker and the sky remain cloudy.


    High in the trees only a few miles away from them, a young man sat perched on a thick branch of a tree, holding up a pair of binoculars. He was dressed in armor that covered his chest, back, arms, and thighs, accompanied with a tightly woven black fabric that shaped perfectly to his body. “Aye, they’re finally moving!” he called out to a few others, dressed similarly, all perched in the surrounding trees.

    “Yell louder, smart mouth,” another young man said from a few branches below, “I don’t think they heard you.”

    The first became rigid on his branch and gulped. “Sorry, Alexander. I just thought-”

    “Don’t do that,” Alexander said sharply, resting his hand on his sword and standing as still as stone, “Don’t do anything unless I tell you. This is their first task as academy students and I won’t have you messing it up.” As a stray ray of light broke through the fog, the symbol of Hephaestus glinted from his chest plate. “You will all wait for my signal.”

    “Who died and made you king?” Another voice came from the trees.

    “I did,” Alexander said coldly. “Now enough from you children of Aires … or you’ll ruin the fun.”

  • #1691


    Themaris glanced down at the plane ticket she had assumed was a letter and tucked it away in her pocket with something of a smile when Alexia did take it. She came to enjoy surprises so this didn’t bother her so much as it gave her some internal embarrassment.

    Themaris kept her comments to herself, trusting Alexia had a reason not to be as forthcoming as the rest of them, instead gesturing her to lead on as she wanted. She fell in step behind her casually, her things in tow. Mostly books and clothing. Even so, everything had its uses.

    She felt the need however to address something, lengthening her strides just enough to walk beside her. “We’re all going to make it, Alexia. I won’t stand for any unnecessary sacrifices while I’m still breathing. And if you’e someone our host isn’t expecting, then that makes you our Wild Card, no?” she finished off with a slight smirk.

    She lowered her umbrella, shaking off the rain water and closing it up now that they were under the cover of trees. She kept it in hand, however, and if one had a keen eye they might see the handle as being atypical for any regular umbrella. It did not curve, but instead was a straight point, carved in the shape of an elongated diamond and the colour of pewter with an amber stone embedded just before the shaft that appeared somewhat wider than necessary. This last detail was hidden away once the folds of black became closed.

    Themaris offered a glance over her shoulder to make sure the rest were following, but as well to make certain that no one else was. As they walked through the red woo, that sense of being watched gnawed at her, chilling her neck. There was nothing behind them. Still, the deeper they went, the more insistent that feeling became.

    Breathe, she told herself. Themaris shut her eyes, trying to see something. Anything. But visions did not come when they were called. It was in this state of meditation that she thought she’d heard a voice and her warm brown eyes shot open. She resisted the urge to stop walking, in order to appear normal in case anyone was indeed watching them. Instead, Themaris quietly addressed the group lowering her voice, but making a point to act casual hoping they’d understand.

    “Anyone catch that, or am I hearing things?”  Her grip on the umbrella tightened ever so slightly.

  • #1692


    Muttering a “grasias” to Themaris, Jose was starting to realize he was already being pegged a “kid” in this group of teenagers. He didn’t even try to hide the look of distaste at her phrasing, though he said nothing. He shoved the letter into his pocket and didn’t respond to what anyone was saying.

    Frankly, he just wanted to get to this stupid academy, and demand to be sent home before his father found out that he was missing. There was going to be at the very least a nasty and property-destroying calamity of a storm.

    Jose vaguely heard something and turned his head. When Themaris spoke, he huffed. “Not hearing things. I repeat my horror movie theory”

  • #1693


    Spike accepted the letter without looking up from his writing, only half listening as the others exchanged a few words. He followed along absentmindedly as they began walking into the cover of the red wood trees. Dasmask trotted a few steps ahead, sniffing the ground eagerly.

    The group hadn’t been walking long when the faint, distant sound of someone’s voice reached his ears. He gave no indication he’d noticed. His blue eyes flicked to Damask, still sniffing about as he walked, but his ears were perked listening with caution.

    Themaris spoke softly; she’d heard it too. It was Jose’s retort that sent Spike’s eyes searching.

    He didn’t need any abilities to know what was happening.

    “We’re being watched,” he stated, his tone flat.

    Yours in Eternity, Love Always - Charles Donté (|-=\) ❤;
    May We Meet Again. Fly On.

  • #1724


    Alexander’s lip curled into a sneer as he listened closely. “Thanks to your loud mouth, we’ve been made. Not fully, but enough for us to lose the element of surprise; they know we’re here, they just don’t know where.”

    A frail voice piped up from the branch above, where the first had spoken previously, “I-I’m really sorry Alexander, I just-”

    “Oh, for the love of the Gods, do not apologize,” Alexander sighed, rolling his eyes, “just go down there and release the Aeternae.”

    Without making a sound, the young man dropped down to the tree branch that Alexander was on and stood a good distance away. “Are you … sure? What if it, you know … kills them?”

    “Now, I’ll let you know what I just heard there. I heard that half the house of Aries and the head of the house of Zeus will be unable to protect three teenagers and a child on a mission we have planned and executed successfully on multiple occasions. Now, go release it before I release you from your duties. Permanently.” Alexander watched as the head of the Zeus house bit his lip and nervously, yet gracefully, dropped down to the forest floor and approach a large metal cage, easily four times his size.

    In the cage a creature of massive size sat waiting.It had the body of an ogre, discolored, filthy, and riddled with scars, and a head of a triceratops. It had one long bony, saw-toothed protuberance sprouting from it’s head, and another that had been broken off, all that remained was a nub, a few inches next to the long one. The creature was silent and breathed lightly for its size. As the child of Zeus approached, it’s beady black eyes stared down at him and watched carefully as the small demi-god fumbled with the locks, until the last one had been undone. Slowly, and with purpose, the enormous creature crawled out of its cage on all four legs. It breathed from its nostrils, and when it exhaled, it parted the fog around it.

    “Even if our cover was blown, we can still see what they’re made of.” Alexander drew his sword and banged it once on his shield. The monster lurched upwards, its horn getting caught on a few branches as it rose and sliced them all from their limbs. It let out a sound of distress before turning to face the young man standing on the branch. “Come now, don’t look at me like that,” Alexander cooed at the monster, a small smile forming, “Just be gentle. They’re young little demi-gods; they have little to no gasp on their abilities. So be gentle and you won’t kill any of them, yeah? This isn’t the amphitheater … you don’t have to fight for your life anymore.”

    The monster examined Alexander with its beady eyes as if he understood every word, drew in a deep breath and huffed, and then turned away. It slowly made its way forward, the ground shaking violently under its steps.



    It was a few minutes after Spike had spoken when the ground began to vibrate under Alexia’s sneakers. She stopped dead in her tracks and held up her hand to indicate the group do the same. They had gotten far enough already where it would have been too long of a trek back to the village, so whatever was going to happen next, they had to face it head on.

    “And this is where the weird begins, I’m assuming?” She said out loud, her voice shaking slightly as a large shadow covered the ground in front of her. She took a deep breath as she slowly raised her head up to find where the shadow was coming from. The monster was close. But not quite close enough for it to spot them. What set Alexia shaking was the one long, black, spike sticking up from the cover of the trees. “Yeah, that’s not a tree …”

    As much as Alexia wanted to turn right around and run, she knew it would follow them. She peered ahead and saw a small cluster of trees, at least four or five that had grown together, and turned to face the others. “Let’s get over to those trees for some shelter. I don’t know what the hell to do, but maybe we can come up with something while we’re not in plain sight.”

  • #1725


    Themaris stilled, placing her hand upon the tree while the rumbling of the earth began. She did not do this only for balance. Her brown eyes closed in a focused manner, and the sensation in the ground was not only intensified, but Themaris found suddenly that she could see it. Her eyes shot open just as Alexia gave her suggestion, thinking it was the best plan to be sure. She’d consider climbing the trees too if she weren’t positive this thing wouldn’t knock it down. And then there was Damask… there couldn’t get Spikes’ dog up in a tree. Themaris clenched her hand in frustration around her sheathed umbrella. It would do nothing against what was coming. Not without finding a soft spot or getting a great shot. Her best chance was to gain height on it.

    “She’s right,” she said quickly to the others. “Let’s move. …Alexia. I saw it. It’s no fluffy rabbit. We have to figure something out. Guys. Now would be the time to share some fantastic feats of yours. Which one of you is descended from Athena? We could use your tactical prowess.”

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    “Tactical? You want to fight that thing?” Jose looked at the group incredulously, speaking low as they head for the cover “I’d rather, you know, not risk dying? ” he huffed. He decided as they hit the cover to at least make himself useful to these strangers

    “I don’t have much control over it but I’ve got a bit of power over rain. I can create a fog, for a period” he offered. He’d personally use it to escape, but if these guys wanted to try to get at it it’s not like he could stop them. He looked back to see if he could spot the threat.

    The more this went on the worse a feeling he got. Where was this place? Why was he the only son of a Japanese god? Who the heck were these other people? More importantly when could he go home? He bit his tongue to keep his frustration down.

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