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    Heyo! Name’s Jaron, or Grimdaddy, or Jay. Whatever, any of those work. (I might make that my signature tbh.)

    ANYWAY. Just making a post here about Overwatch, and whether anyone plays it, or loves the characters and hates the game. (Like me. Blizz y u no balance right.)

    I play on PC, rarely console but if I do console it’s Xbox One. I main Widow/Symmetra/Zen. And play off-tank Winston when needed! I don’t usually play outside my friend groups, that darn anxiety stuffs, but sometimes I do.

    (I honestly have no idea how forums work, I only really use them to help me fix problems after scrolling through 50 pages of “Same problem here!” but yeah.)

    Let’s talk some Overwatch and/or play some!

    Name’s Jaron, or Grimdaddy, or Jay. Whatever, any of those work. (I told you it'd be my signature.)

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    The Girl
    The Girl

    YAY JARON! I usually only get to play on Xbox One, whenever my parents happen to be gone, but so far, I’ve mainly been a Junkrat main. Kinda been wanting to try out Tobjörn again, cuz I’ve really gotten into the mechanic in Team Fortress 2 lately

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    I bite. But it's cute, so it's probably fine.

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    *cringes at Junkrat then remembers I’ve been playing him a lil lately* *cringes at myself* xD

    You wanna play the Ikea?! Well, bad news, you don’t play Ikea. Ikea plays you! xD

    But, shoot me a message somewhere with your gamer tag! I’ll add you, and maybe we can play together sometime. Maybe. I’m so bad at actually planning things, and often get sucked into my bubble and forget other people exist. Lol

    Name’s Jaron, or Grimdaddy, or Jay. Whatever, any of those work. (I told you it'd be my signature.)

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    I don’t play Overwatch and quite honestly am absolutely confused by it when I watch it, but I do put it on when my friends are streaming it on Twitch (I’m their moderator and they sometimes get new people in during their Overwatch streams so they kind of need me to enforce the rules). They’re actually going to be streaming tonight, I believe. I get so lost trying to keep track, but they’re having a blast, so it’s alright.

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    Yes! People to talk about Overwatch with. I am Titan aka VitalSkull. I play Overwatch on PS4. I main D.Va, Sombra, Torbjorn , Symmetra, Moira, Hanzo, and Junkrat.

    "I still have much to learn." - Genji (Overwatch)

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    I love this thread already lol. I mainly play Overwatch on PC. I main Reaper, Reinhardt, Mercy, and Moira. I really never get to play Defense much so I don’t have a main from that section lol

    "Never accept the world as it appears to be. Dare to see it for what it could be." — Dr. Harold Winston (Overwatch)

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    My brain completely shut down all social aspects of my life when I entered HERMIT MODE™ and I missed some convos.

    I absolutely love that some of you also play Symmetra, the One True Queen, who I would DIE FOR. And I’m INSANELY excited for her rework. So HARD. It’s gonna be bomb.

    Do any of you keep up with Overwatch League? Minus the drama filled teams, I enjoy watching and learning from pros. My fave team are the Houston Outlaws. :3
    Also my BTAG is; Grimdaddy#11525, I play EU and NA. EU for fun, NA for Competitive. xD

    ALSO also, if anyone is interested… I made a t-shirt design that is Overwatch related that I am trying to sell so I can afford to move to New York in a few months. Here’s the linky.

    But yeah. 😀 <3

    Name’s Jaron, or Grimdaddy, or Jay. Whatever, any of those work. (I told you it'd be my signature.)

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