Gather ‘Round, Minion Horde!

Everybody sit in a circle. No, you don’t have to hold hands, but you can if you want. Hey, you two in the back – no shoving! There’s room enough for everyone around my throne. Now, does everyone have a Lollipop of Doom and a skull-covered blankie? Good. Now that you’re all cozy…

Welcome to my all-new, fancy-schmancy site! Go on. Take a look around. There’s awesomeness in pretty much every corner (largely because I am in pretty much every corner, but I digress…).

I’ve added all sorts of cool stuff, like trailers on the Books page, and a monthly stalking email newsletter that you can sign up for HERE. Plus, if this isn’t enough for you, I have a private Minion Horde Facebook group that you can join. There are over 640 of us in there at the moment. Trust me when I say it’s the safest, most supportive environment on the internet. Also, we have ridiculous gifs-only conversations and that’s where I hang out most online.

Now that my throne has been dusted off, it’s time to get back to business, Minions. It’s time for the Minion Horde to rise up, be heard, and take over the world.

But finish your lolly first, k?

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