Haunted by a Teenage Vampire

I dreamt about Vlad last night. Weird dream too. He was sitting in his Aunt Nelly’s house and pouring over all sorts of evidence that I’d last left him with, coming to a pivotal realization and he looked up at the, well, the camera is what I want to say, because I wasn’t there. I could just see him like a movie. And he said, “Don’t leave me alone now. I’ve got to get through this.” So…huh.

Okay,Vladdy boy. I’m there for ya.

Now some people would say that I’m jumping back and forth between Rapture and EGB, that I’d better make up my mind which to write and just stick with it. But those people, in my ever-so-demure opinion can bite me. Vlad’s talking again–something he’d been reluctant to do for some time. So as long as he’s talking, as long as he’s pleading for me not to leave him in that state of limbo between discovery and calm…my pen (well, keyboard, really) is at his service.

Bring it on, Vlad. I’m listening.

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