Lust for Blood

I have a theory.

Everyone, on some level, digs vampire stories.

How else can you explain society’s fascination with the undead? For years, stories of vampires have been told and retold and so-called evidence of their existence has been offered (I’m thinking here of Vlad Tepes’ empty grave). Writers, poets, filmmakers have returned to their bloody theme with impassioned abandon. Even Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1788) can be quoted as saying, “If ever there was in the world a warranted and proven history it is that of vampires.” People have discussed them, theorized about them, tried to emulate them and, some, even believe they are vampires.

And who wouldn’t love these bloodthirsty monsters? They range from the quiet, tortured Louis of Anne Rice acclaim, to the evil reality of Vlad Tepes, to the sexy Zillah of Poppy Z. Brite’s work, to the humorous undertakings *snicker* (Get it? Undertakings? AHAHAHAHA!!!) of Katie MacAlister. We love them. Even when we hate them we love them.

Otherwise, their fame would die out and people would move on to less bloody tales. (Or more bloody. I, for one, think war stories are wrought with much more blood than vampires)

I’m hoping this popularity continues. My dark fantasy series features a tribe (rather, several tribes, but focuses on one) of vampyres who live in another realm, with higher aspirations. (As in, oh….to rule over all realms) And the series I’m currently hard at work on is something I’m very proud of. It’s a young adult series, about a 14 year old vampire named (that’s right) Vlad. The title? Eighth Grade Bites. *snort* (I kill me!) As you can imagine, I’m pretty heavily invested in the idea that people will go on loving vampires the way I do.

If trends change…put a stake in me, I’m done.

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  1. Amanda

    Auntie…if there was ever a person in the world who was highly intelligent and could outwitt anyone, it’d be you XD.

    Very nice reasoning. I, for one, agree 100%!!!

    Although…I have to say…the jokes….*grins and shakes head* Ah, the humor of laughing at one laughing at their own joke (Did any of that make sense?). It’s okay Auntie. We all still love you XD.

    You know…it’s kinda weird reading these posts…they were made BEFORE EighthGradeBites came out…

    Well, anyways…Just thought you should know in-advance, I plan on reading every single blog post, and posting on it. Maybe one blog comment per day–depending on how bored I am XD

  2. Riven Harkness

    Miss Heather,
    It’s me again. I don’t know if I am annoying you yet with my persistent blogging, but this is the first time I’ve been allowed to blog on a webpage. To ‘Lust for Blood’ I agree that everyone loves vampire stories. I have a circle of friends that have bloodsworn to create our group till death. The members’ names are Carnificus Corvus, Violet Gray, Snow Oxferd, and Me- Riven Harkness. We back you up all the way, except for Carnificus- as far as I know. He’s a werewolf. Violet and I are half-breeds, and Snow is a vampire wannabe. (although we’re thinking of making her a vampire, but wouldn’t it be cooler if her family kept the organization secret through the generations?
    Stay Scared,

  3. karlieisawesome

    Dear Auntie,
    I cant believe it.You are working on the 2nd book of your 2nd series..i read 8th grade bites when it first came out and read this post after i got your book.its so amazing how time passes :smile:you have always been awesome and keep on writing!
    Your Fav Minion
    Karlie :mrgreen:

  4. Vlad Should have a little girl

  5. Vlad should have a daughter. Like named Vanessa.

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