Minions, YOU Could Be An Extra In Auntie Heather’s New Book Trailer!


Gather ‘round, Minion Horde! Auntie Heather wants YOU to be an extra in her live-action trailer for THE CEMETERY BOYS—her first ever stand-alone book!

Five (5) teenage guys, Three (3) teenage girls needed. Filming will take place the week of April 13, 2015 in Woodlawn, Bronx, New York City. Please contact director Jason Roer for further information at!

6 Responses to "Minions, YOU Could Be An Extra In Auntie Heather’s New Book Trailer!"

  1. Snow+Vad

    I really wish that I could Auntie Heather. But I can not. I live to far away from NYC. 🙁

  2. Otis

    Hi Heather
    I’m am doing a Authors study and I have chosen you and I would really like to get in touch with you to find out some more stuff that other websites might not have and I would really love if you could contact me
    And also so sorry I also live to far away

  3. Chase


  4. vanessa hernandez

    wow i would really love to be in it. this book amazes me, i’m much like that. i find it hard being in this world and i very much likely think that Heather understands me. wen i read the book, i just could not help it but to keep on reading. i have not yet read the last one tho.. but i love to be one of the extra girls.

  5. Brielle

    I wish I could but there’s no way my mom would let me go to New York. I really wish I could. Love you, Auntie Heather!

  6. BlondBlood

    NNNOOOOOOOO!!! I didn’t see this until now, so clearly my brain died this spring between ap classes and extra curriculars… :'( But so sad!! I might have had a chance and that would have been a dream come true! Guess I’ll just have to deal with other awesome peoples acting and the hope/expectation for another fangtastic book 🙂

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