Once Upon A Time, Auntie Heather Had A NEW BOOK TO ANNOUNCE!!!

You read that right, Minions! Auntie Heather has been sitting on this news for quite a while, but I’m finally able to share this bit of awesome with you: I’m reuniting with a favorite editor (Andrew Harwell, who worked with me on The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod and edited my short story, SHADOW CHILDREN, which appeared in the FEAR anthology alongside R.L. Stine, Meg Cabot and other amazing authors) to bring you a new book! It’s called THE CEMETERY BOYS, and it couldn’t get more Auntie Heather than this. This story is raw and edgy and scary and real. And I am madly in love with it. Here’s the official release from Publishers Weekly!

Andrew Harwell at HarperCollins has bought world English rights to two standalone YA books and one e-original story by Heather Brewer, author of the Chronicles of Vladimir Tod series. In book one, The Cemetery Boys, Stephen falls in with a mysterious girl and her troubled twin brother, only to learn that their dark allure masks an even darker secret. Publication is scheduled for winter 2015; Michael Bourret at Dystel and Goderich brokered the deal.

Sounds awesome, right?? JUST YOU WAIT!

Oh also…I kinda vlogged about it in my jammies. I was too excited to stop and put on pants. Check it:

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28 Responses to "Once Upon A Time, Auntie Heather Had A NEW BOOK TO ANNOUNCE!!!"

  1. Jess (|-/|)

    Oh. My. Glob. Life does not get any better than this. Love you Auntie!,

  2. Jesse.


  3. This sounds amazing. Congrats, Auntie Heather! I can’t wait to read i!

  4. brittany

    i cant wait!!!!!! i love you books

  5. Megan

    That is so exciting, Auntie! Wish we didn’t have to wait so long to get our hands on it though. Can’t wait! πŸ˜€

  6. Katwic

    The Legacy of Tril 😯 πŸ˜₯

  7. Natalia

    Are you putting Soulbroken to the side for now or dropping it completely? or youre not even sure yourself:?:

  8. Justice

    Oh My! Sounds absolutely interesting!! Cannot wait!!

  9. Elvina Truax

    good for you, can’t wait πŸ˜‰

  10. Lydia

    Squee! You are so awesome, Auntie Heather! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  11. Haley

    Is anyone else crying because she’s not continuing the Legacy of Tril? πŸ˜₯ ❓ πŸ™ πŸ˜₯

  12. Carmen

    Actually, this is great news! Slayer Chronicles are fantastic, and tbh was really disappointed and did not care for Legacy of Tril. So definitely looking forward to something badass and spooky. Yay and congrats Auntie Heather!

  13. maddie

    i really would like another vladimir tod book. you should write a book about his college life and beyond.

  14. Kaitlyn

    Well, I am just thoroughly depressed now and am crying. I really wanted to read Soulbroken. Soulbound was a great book and I, along with my friends, were really looking forward to reading it. T_T
    Congrats on your new book though.

  15. Calie

    But… but… Kaya!… and Darius!… and Trayton! *starts so big uncontrollably* πŸ˜₯

  16. Maryann

    So happy about the new book!!!! But I also really wanted to read soulbroken.

  17. Kimmy

    The Legacy of Tril was the only book I liked. I have been looking forward to this since July 2012, when I read the first one. How dare you not publish this book. Darius!! Yeah, I’m not crying. I am pissed. Is the book not done? Why didn’t you tell us sooner?? I just want to know why. You made it seem as though it was coming out and then nothing. What the hell Heather? I can’t be happy for you and your other endeavors and I’m sorry that I feel this way, but until you come out with this book I cannot celebrate your “great” news. This is fakking bullshit.

  18. Alice

    No soulbroken… EVER!?!?!? Well now MY soul is broken πŸ˜₯

  19. Amber

    Seriously??!! No Soulbroken ever?! Or is it just pushed back??? Can we get an actual reply because it’s getting annoying reading what everybody else has to say about it. Please Heather! Just tell us if it’s at least going to be published!!!

  20. Jackie

    Congrats on your new project. I’m excited for you and wish it to be a great success. I am disappointed about the news regarding the Legacy of Tril series and hope that your publisher reconsiders its cancellation and brings it back, however if they do not I, as I am sure other fans, would love to know how the story continues and ends. Thank you.

  21. Cheyenne 'Mohawk' Tunaley from Oswego

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! How old is Gargy, and when is his birthday? Congrats on your new book. YOU SPARKLE!!! Birthday/Halloween/Congrats gift on the way. To the usual place. Hope you like it. Love Cheyenne ‘Mohawk’ Tunaley & Mom & Gargy Jr. From Oswego

  22. Cat

    Ahh Soulbroken will be dropped completely?? Or just on the side for a while till you have muse?? Ahh I do hope you continue I’ve been waiting for what happens next for a while. But until then, while waiting for your maybe possible break from Soulbroken to be over, I can’t wait for the new books that are coming out especially Third Strike, holy butter nuggets, and the book is in purple! I love purple!!! The purple book always tends to be my favorite volume (hence 10th grade bleeds) I can’t wait for the amazingness of reading to start.

  23. Denise

    Noooo! Soulbroken…. πŸ™ I just kept waiting and waiting and now it is not coming. The other books better be amazing to make up for this!

  24. Lya

    Will you make a new vladimir todo book? Please do πŸ˜†

  25. Joyce

    ahhhh sooo happy excited… :mrgreen: :mrgreen: πŸ™‚

  26. Elvina Truax

    can’t wait to read it.

  27. Alex

    Hey I read the Vladimir Eros and slayer chronicles when is third strike and forgive me im a new minion but anyway ur books rock auntie heather

  28. david klopfer

    am i the only one who wants to know what happened at the end of twelfth grade kills? probably not but still the sentiment is there.

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