More Info on Less Than Three Anti-Bullying Conference!

At long last, Minion Horde, I can tell you a bit more about what Auntie Heather has been up to behind the scenes!

As most of you probably know, Auntie Heather grew up being terribly bullied. Because of this—and because of the bullying that I have continued to witness over the years—I have made it my life’s mission to do what I can do to combat bullying. I speak at schools and conferences. I do what I can to be a caring ear to those who are trying to find a way out. And now…I’m holding an anti-bullying conference that you are all invited to attend!

The Less Than Three conference will be on October 19, 2013 at the lovely Spencer Road Branch library in Saint Peters, Missouri (which is very near to Saint Louis, Missouri)...

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Eighth Grade Bites: The Graphic Novel!

For quite a while, Minions, several of you have been asking me for a sneak-peek at the graphic novel of EIGHTH GRADE BITES. And for various reasons (most of which having to do with Auntie’s insanely busy schedule), I haven’t given you that.

That is, until today.

Tomorrow, EIGHTH GRADE BITES debuts in graphic novel form! I’m so unbelievably excited, Minions. It’s been a very long time coming, and the end result is simply gorgeous. So to celebrate its impending release, here are a few sneak-peek goodies!

To start, the amazing cover, followed by a sketch of Vlad! (To see images full size, simply click on them)

And lastly, a peek at the inside!

To order a copy for yourself, you can wander into your local independent bookstore, order a signed copy through Main Street Books, look for i...

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2013: The Year of the Minion Horde!

Greetings, Minions! Auntie Heather’s finally back after a nice, much-needed break (which featured palm trees and relaxation, I’m happy to report), and I wanted to wish you all a FANGtastic new year. 2012 has, to put it bluntly, SUCKED for many reasons, but I’m putting out as much positive energy as I can to ensure that 2013 will be FANGtastic! It’s our lucky number, Minions! Let’s make ’13 AWESOME.

Sickness update: Many of you know that I was suffering from a terrible sinus infection for about two weeks, but I’m happy to report that I seem to be well now! Luckily it cleared up about three days into my vacation. Phew! Nothing spoils palm trees more than snot explosions.

Kitteh update: I just wanted to thank you all for the outpouring of sympathy over the Brewer Clan’s loss of...

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A Christmas Gift from Auntie Heather

Greetings and bloody holiday kisses, Minions!

Your Auntie Heather has been – much like Santa’s elves – hard at work on something very special, just for you this holiday season. I’ve written a little short story, a moment, a holiday twinkle from the world of Vladimir Tod, just for you!

Now, if you haven’t read TWELFTH GRADE KILLS just yet, know that this will have a spoiler-feel to it for you. So either go read TWELFTH first, or keep an open mind. But for those Minions who have read TWELFTH GRADE KILLS…here ya go!


There was nothing like The Crypt around the holidays. Nowhere else that Vlad could really think of decorated the tree in skull ornaments and black feather boas...

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