Hazards of Not Writing

1. You may experience insomnia (with or without the urge to get out of bed in the middle of the night and watch old game shows).

2. With your imagination on overdrive, with no outlet to speak of, you may have odd dreams–say, about a really hot, young principal who says he wants to eat your eyes.

3. No matter how hard you try–even without a pen, paper, or Word–you will write. You’ll write in your head and before you know it, you’ll have to scribble those thoughts down, because they were uncommonly brilliant. (Uncommon brilliance only occurs when you’re trying to avoid it)

4. You get REALLY cranky.

5. And you want chocolate.

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I’m Plumtastic!

In a wave of boredom, I decided to get my hair dyed. Again. (because life needs more rainbows) This time, my hair is a pretty purply-reddish color. Like a plum. Only not as tasty.

Ninth Grade Sucks is in the hands of my fabulous agent (along with the outline for Beyond the Looking Glass). So you know what that means…it’s Auntie Heather’s two week no writing break! WOOHOO!!!

Which means I’ll be doing very little for a bit, as I try to clear out the mental cobwebs. Oooh, but I did find this torture device over on Katie MacAlister’s blog. (so blame her!) Other than that, I’m packed for my NYC trip, I’m attempting to relax, and I’m catching up on a whole lotta nothin’.

It’s everything I dreamt it to be.

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The Minion Horde Keeps Growing!

I was going to do this tomorrow, but then I just realized, “Hey, you ninny! You haven’t blogged yet today!” Besides, I’m so geeked I just had to share–and send a big shout out to my Bardstown minions in Bardstown, Kentucky! Many, many thanks to the minions (of course) and to Emily Burkot, who is now my favorite vampire loving librarian at Nelson County Public Library. You guys rawk!

And while I’m at it, thanks to Amanda too!

And Griffin and Katelyn!

And Jackie!

And any other minions I have temporarily forgotten to post pics of.

You guys totally rule and Vlad and I are lucky to know you!

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Trendy? Nu-uh. No way.

I’ve always been the way I am. Honestly, it wasn’t until I was in my young twenties that I heard the term ‘goth’ (from a goth, no doubt) and realized, “Hey…there are more people out there who love black, live free, and have a taste for all things macabre.” It was a pretty cool you’re-not-alone-on-the-planet moment. But I’m not this way because it’s hip (and yeah, I know it’s not hip to say hip, but I’m against trends and I’m expressing my individuality…also, I’m a complete dork). I just am. This is me. What you see is what you get. I love vampires, spiderwebs, spiders (well, some spiders), bats, Halloween, full moons, black clothes, fishnet ANYTHING, and discussing what really might be going bump in the night...

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