It’s Pressie Time!

Minions, I realize that I haven’t been blogging a lot lately, but I’m trying to make up for that in coming days. Also, today I have a great excuse to blog – Auntie Heather has a pressie for you! On October 16th (which is the day SECOND CHANCE comes out – don’t forget!), new Minion gear will be for sale on! SQUEE! I’m pretty geeked about it, and consider sharing news of it with you good enough to be called a pressie, so make sure you guys check that out. And just a reminder that you can also win an XBox, so don’t forget those postcards!

So what has Auntie Heather been up to lately? Well, she’s having tooth drama, which is an issue when you clench your teeth...

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Everyone Else Is Already Taken

So my hair was compared to Sonic the Hedgehog this week.


(Sonic the Hedgehog – AKA Not Me)

I, of course, ABSOLUTELY LOVE and TOTALLY AGREE WITH this description. Sonic and I have amazing hair…er…pokiness head stuff going on. I think so, anyway.

But that’s not all I’ve been up to. Apart from vanquishing the WordPress demons that were preventing me from blogging, Auntie Heather has been off and traveling again! A trip up to Chicago for Anderson’s YA Lit Con and to visit two amazing middle schools, as well as a trip to Oklahoma city, where I presented at a cool librarian conference and visited an excellent middle school and a brilliant high school. Great trips, but I am so happy to be home.

I love visiting my Minions – I don’t think that’s a secret at all...

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Minion Bling 2.0

That’s right, my minions (and if you’re reading this, then yes…that means you)…we got new bling! (and yeah, I know that was poor grammar…but I’m hip, yo *snort!*) Now introducing the all new Minion Bling…Minion Bling 2.0, which features such awe-inspiring phrases as “vampires suck” and “eighth grade bites”. (Both phrases, as it turns out, are absolutely true.)

Minion Bling 2.0 is a limited edition type thing. How we’ll work it is this: you ask for Minion Bling, I send (free of charge!) said Bling…along with some Minion Bling 2.0 because you’re special and I just love you like that. (never mind that whole self-promotion thing…it’s about the love…no, really)

Also, in the next few weeks, my completely revamped (ha!) website will be unleashed, bringing with i...

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Best. Day. Ever!

But I think I’m allergic to copyedits. I woke up this morning with a sore (and slightly swollen) neck. But never fear, minions, Auntie Heather is hard at work once again (despite the both literal and figurative pain in the neck), wading through copyedits and taking time off to stare at my gorgeous new cover art!!!

Isn’t it bee-you-tee-full??? I’m completely in love with my cover designer…and with Andrew (the model who portrays Vlad)! Just an amazing job. Dutton is taking such good care of me.

And now it’s your turn. Go forth, my loyal minions…and pre-order your very own copy of EIGHTH GRADE BITES!!! Then spread the word far and wide.

Because hey…I need more minions.

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So What Exactly Are Copyedits?

We’ll get to that. But first, let me give you a glimpse into my day yesterday and my morning so far. Yesterday: Overwhelmed. No way. There’s NO WAY I can do all this. Okay, I can, but holy CRAP, it’s going to be HARD. This morning: Denial. Copyedits? What copyedits? Oh, I’m sure they’ll be easier than I thought yesterday. Plenty of time. Oooh! Let’s read blogs! Then, after a quick glimpse at the manuscript. Or…maybe I should sit down right now and make a list of the changes. As a matter of fact, I’m facing two major things (a timeline issue and a whodunnit issue)…maybe I’ll work on everything but them right now, then fix those later.

So…what are they? Well, a spiffy copy of the manuscript, covered in various notes and Post-Its that your editor and copyeditor believe wi...

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