The Unveiling

I hate having my picture taken.

Strike that. I hateloathedespise having my picture taken. But it's important to have an author's photo on your website, so readers know who they're getting all this good stuff from. Readers like to feel a connection with the author and a picture is one way to further that connection.

Despite my hatred of my two-dimensional self, there is now (thanks to my webgenius, Mike Coombes) a photo of me

Blood’s Dripping from My Windows

It's that time of year again.

I can't believe I let the 1st of October come and go without dragging out the Samhain (Halloween to all you muggles out there) decorations! But today the house is decorated and looking rather spooky, all for my favorite holiday of the year. We normally put a huge emphasis on the black and gloomy, the spiderwebbed and all things cauldron-related, but this year the windows are even dripping blood and new

Just Call Me Faith Drown

First off, for a little fun, go see what your vampire name is. Apparently, I'm Faith Drown, the scourge of Slovenia--a traveler in a foreign land, struck down by a mysterious wasting disease.

Sucks, man. Let me tell ya. (But I do rather like my new last name--despite having a thing about water.)

So the first order of business today is to tackle my List-of-Things-to-Complete-Before-Vlad's-First-Draft-is-Finished. Yesterday I lopped another three things off the list, wittling

Closer than Shadows

Sometimes when I get stuck, I'll insert a sentence in bold red that serves as a reminder for what I want to put in that spot, but just can't seem come up with the words to do so at the moment. (As an example, finish up the lunch scene or something like it) Then, when I reach a certain point in a book (usually when I'm feeling itchy feet, because the end is so close, right

Staring at Elongating Shadows

I've reached that point where I'm already anxious to get Eighth Grade Bites out there under the nose of some agents and, let me tell you, there is no greater danger than that of an anxious writer. I take a lot of deep breaths and concentrate that energy into writing, which is where it should be, as opposed to querying, which is so far into the horizon that it should only be a minor twinkle. Instead it's a

First Draft Land is Haunted

Yesterday I noticed many a spectre as I did something I normally consider a big no-no: I reread some of what I've written. The reason I mentally slap myself for doing so is simple. If I reread anything I've written as a first draft, my mood will immediately plummet due to just how ugly the writing is and for the next week, writing will be difficult as I force some amnesia on myself to forget about what I

Snaring Your Prey

Prey, victims, readers~call them what you will, they can make or break your writing career. And when that glorious day comes that your book has taken physical form and you're standing at the front of a bookstore, watching as your potential readers walk in the door, you're going to have exactly one sentence to sell them on the concept of your novel. So what do you say?

It's been my experience that most writers say nothing. They

Back in the Coffin Again

(my own version of "back in the saddle again")


Okay, maybe not supreme, but at least with extra veggies because damn, I'm good. I never would have guessed that 1,100 words would feel so indescribably good after a brief hiatus, but hot damn, it does. And I ended last night at a pivotal point, which always leaves me hungry the next day.

Today I'm not stopping for anything.

My top wordcount

A Vampire in Our Midst

Google sucks.

Not only do they suck, they're passing out eyepatches and urging people to pillage the hard work of my fellow writers. is a nasty little page devoted to exploiting the work of authors without their permission. Ofcourse, Google denies this claim, but according to several friends of mine, Google is a lying, thieving, conniving entity. Not just a sample of pages are available, but entire books! (and without the copyright owner's

Today I Visited Elysia

Finally. After days of recovery, I finally managed to write. Nothing brilliant, I assure you, but even 200 or so jumbled words is better than none. And what I wrote...oh, how I love the dark things I'm delving into with dear Vlad, the sordid places I'm leading him.

Elysia is the vampire realm. And Vlad has just stepped into an area he knows exactly zilch about. His father, Tomas, had filled Vlad's head with false visions of