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44 Responses to "Sock Puppets? What Sock Puppets?"

  1. bookwormish natasha

    STORY HOUR!!!! That sounds like fun! XD
    The sock puppet thing was funny, but I agree, it doesn’t seem like it would capture the more action scenes in Vlad Todd.

  2. Kaitlyn

    Loved the video :mrgreen: and I completely agree with you on the cinnamon challenge thing! One of my friends showed me a video of someone doing it on youtube and I was like 😯

  3. Kaitlyn

    Oh and also I’m voting for storytime πŸ™‚

  4. Kaname Kuran

    Hey! Cool, I totally agree about Internet safety as I’m using a screen name right now. ( lol I thought I was just gettin paranoid after watching safety videos) I would like you to read us a book. Please don’t do a 2 page book, make it a longer video if you have too. Also what I think a lot of people think is that you’ll give them a nice little book in a ribbon when in reality all you can give them is tips about the procces. (I want to be an author when I grow up and so I wouldn’t mind you giving us tips though.) Also do you watch shows like trigun and vampire knight. (If you do are you on team kaname or team zero?)

  5. Roxana

    You should read Deadman Wonderland its a really good manga it has a lot of stuff that ur into. It has moments when your like WTF whyyy!!!!!p.s. its a sad, disturbing, horror, Sci Fy, crazy feel to it and also tragedy. πŸ˜‰

  6. greekgirl

    voting for writing πŸ˜†

  7. emeraldshard

    I love the sock puppets scene.

  8. emeraldshard

    I love the sock puppets scene. I vote for writing. Could you do a vlog about having an agent? :mrgreen:

  9. Lydia

    I have to vote for writing. πŸ˜€ As for your video game hangover, do you play computer games at all? The Avadon series by Amaranth Games are pretty good. The prequel to Avadon, Ahriman’s Prophecy, I can be downloaded for free from their website. Also, the Geneforge series (granted, with terrible graphics) has a pretty cool premise. Plus, you can create your very own monster minions and have them fight for you. πŸ™‚

  10. Book butterfly

    What does your shirt say in this video? Just wondering because not being able to see the whole things bothers me. I loved the sock puppets, although I agree it wouldn’t work for other scenes. Also, I vote for the writing blog next time. But keep story time for a backup plan if you don’t come up with an idea for another vlog. Finally, thank you for promoting safety/healthy choices.

  11. Judith

    I vote for story time. :3

  12. Carmen

    Have you played the card game called Gloom? It is super gothy and fabulous and good for storytelling. Completely recommend it. Also I vote for story time!

  13. vladlovr

    STORY TIME!!! please!!!!!! That would be soo amazing that i would just freak

  14. Aubrie

    I loved the video <3 You should do story time! And you play Final fanasty 7?! Thats amazing that games is one of my favorites too :mrgreen:

  15. Mikayla :D

    If you haven’t already u should try the resident evil series. Its awesome!…. If your into the whole zombie apocalypse like me πŸ˜›
    Also have you ever thought of how cool it would be if Vladimir Tod became a movie? Who would you cast as Vlad, Henry, Otis, Nelly and Joss? πŸ’‘ ❓

  16. (-/|)

    I love how Auntie is sort of rambling, yet still totally captivates my attention and makes me “D’awww”. πŸ˜€

  17. VladTod'sFang#1


  18. Sarah


  19. Kaitlyn

    I vote for story time!

  20. Amber

    I would really like story time with you auntie, but I would so love if you could give tips about writing. writers block,inspiration, getting an agent, publishing and sending to publishers. I would really appreciate all the info you have to give as an aspiring writer.

  21. Alie

    Ooooh! I think story hour will fun for the next video! Then the next video can be about writing!!

  22. Trinda

    I vote for the writing since everybody keeps asking the same questions over and over again. If you make the writing video then you can answer these questions and simply tell people to look up that video should they keep asking. Story time does sound like fun but I feel if you get the writing questions out of the way then we can get to the fun stuff.

    As for video games the walking dead game is definitely a good horror game. Warning this game is affected by your choices and has been known to make the player hate themselves when the outcome of these choices is less then desirable. 😈

  23. Emily

    I vote Story Time!! πŸ™‚

  24. Tatsuhara

    I vote the STORY HOUR Auntie Heather!
    I was wondering if instead of making TCOVT into a high budget expensive movie, if you would mabe consider making it inot an anime series?
    Love you Auntie!

  25. Suri

    I vote writing!! need all the help I can get…

  26. A fan

    Do one about writing and can u pretty please with a fang on top come to Florida πŸ˜‰

  27. Jonathan

    Either topic would be fine. Proposed release dates for your latest books would be wonderful. :mrgreen: πŸ˜†

  28. auntie heathers favorite

    I’m voting for story time. I so agree with Auntie Heather about the cinnamon challenge. We had someone in my school choke. My question for Auntie is…..what is you’re favorite book that you wrote??????

  29. Blondblood

    To start: Thank you for being such a great influence. All the people who you get to interact with on a personal level must be truly lucky. And even from a small distance, you’re an amazon person! All of my family and friends love Auntie Heather (or maybe Mommy Brewer based on this episode? πŸ™‚ ) Wonderful views on health and safety what not. Also, te kittehs are adorable!!!! My mom really wants one now…

  30. Keri

    Story Time with Auntie Heather <3

  31. sydney

    STORY HOUR!!!!!

  32. Hana

    Team Story Time FTW.

    What did your shirt read? I caught “PARENTS” and that’s about it.

  33. Amanda

    Story time!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜›

  34. Isis_and _kid

    I think it would be cool if you did a story time thing. While I would like to get some tips from one of my favorite authors, I think story time would be fun. :3 πŸ™‚

  35. blood brained

    you should totally read Carie by Stephan King

  36. Lydia

    Books I love:
    – The Three Musketeers (I had a crush on d’Artagnan for, well, not for more than eight months. He…he…yeah… Anyways, it’s adventure! Romance! Pain! And d’Artagnan meets Porthos by…well, I shouldn’t spoil it for you, should I? >winks<)(P.S. Don't read the other two books in the trilogy. You WILL cry. Especially if you have a major crush on d'Artagnan and love the four man group posse. Just saying.)
    – The Lightning Thief (This book is the book that got me to read. I was in seventh grade, picked up this book, and haven't stopped reading since. Fun, optimistic, and a totally zany experience.)
    – Agent to the Stars is a good book. Again, it's zany, funny, and, well, there is a gooey alien who makes friends with a dog.)
    – The Reformed Vampire Support Group is another good one to read. It's a real spin from average vamps in modern media. Oh, and there is a really cute romance at the end. :D)
    – The series Eragon is like a mixture of all of the fantasy cliches packed into four books, but the first book was actually pretty good. And the second. Not quite all that happy about the third. Fourth? Haven't read. Still, you should probably read the first book. It's much better than the movie. The move sucks worse than having Dracula at the Red Cross.)
    – If you want nonfiction, then I would have to suggest Lone Survivor. The first part is boring, but the second part is definitely worth your time.)
    – All of the Narnia books are good, but some of them are fantastic. My personal favorite is the Magician's Nephew and the Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I'm actually going to start reading the Last Battle tonight. Wish me luck!)

    Books I Hate:

    – Warning: Save yourself from Lord of the Flies!
    – There is a book called Wings by Aprilynne Pike. Ugh. I hated it. So much. Ugh. Then again, that's just my opinion. Some people may actually like it, but not this girl. Ugh, ugh. No.

  37. KimmyD0912

    The sock puppet thing cracked me up! Auntie you’re the best. Thanks for all that you do. We love you so much! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  38. vladtodlover131

    Auntie Heather, if you wish to know a truly horrible boring book, the worst one I’ve read as of yet is The Hitchhikers’ Guide To The Galaxy…it was so monotonous and inane I wanted to throw it out a window and light it on fire….

  39. omen zazu

    Video game huh? Last of us is a good one but for xbox have you tried alan wake? Its AMAZING

  40. memememe

    wait! will there be anymore comics? you did the first one but theres still the rest of the series!!!

  41. Danielle C.

    You should play the Walking Dead games. πŸ™‚
    Btw I am freaking out because I agreed with everything you said xD

  42. kayla

    omg that was so funny i lived the puppet part

  43. annabeth

    the puppet thing was hilarious

  44. Seamus

    I think Vlad Tod should be in the movies!!!

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