Somebody Kill Me

Today I’m writing through a writer’s worst enemy: the sinus infection. Now, normally I’m not a play-through-the-pain kinda gal, but last night, in my medicated lunacy, I had an epiphany and the muse fluffed up his tutu and got to work. So here I am, working away despite my head weighing three tons and my nose turning into a firehose.

Ew. Nice visual, there, Heather.

But my point is that inspiration can hit at the oddest (and most inconvenient times) and we’ve got to be ready to tackle it when it comes. Because in that “someday” scenario, when an editor is drumming his (or her) fingers in wait for pages we’re supposed to have on his (or her) desk, we can’t let a little thing like a sinus infection get in our way.

Besides, who knows when the muse will put down his cigar again and utter another brilliant phrase of inspiration?

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