Tasting Rubies

As a writer with higher aspirations than blogdom, it’s important to have your name seen in as many places as you can possibly get it. Hopefully, one day people will recognize it and, with any luck, they’ll be standing in a bookstore, perusing a shelf that happens to hold your book. A spark of recognition can quickly turn into a long-burning fire of admiration and ~WHAMMO~ you’ve got yourself a fan.

That’s how it’s supposed to work. I’ll let you know as soon as it happens to me.

I caved in, finally, and followed the example of many, many writers that have come before me. I subscribed to Publisher’s Marketplace. I’m pretty happy (and frankly, surprised) with all the features that a subscription opens up and I’m completely in love with the idea of having my own listing on such a publishing-professional-tread site. So stop fighting it, if you haven’t already and if you’re really serious about getting published. Spend the $20 and subscribe. You may find yourself oddly addicted. Not that I am…I can quit anytime.

The way I view getting an *ugh* platform is akin to a vampire bite (was anybody surprised I used that analogy?). Sure, you’re going to have a difficult time pressing through the skin, but once your fangs pop through that tough surface, you’ll be rewarded with rubies. So do the work, get your name out there, write (and write and write some more) and you never know what might happen.

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