The Ghost of Ben Hargrove

Greetings, Minions!

Guess what today is. Go on! Guess!

No. No, it’s not National poke a monkey with a banana day.

No….it’s not National eat all the cupcakes with a spork day (but put me down for that one).

It’s RELEASE DAY for my e-short story, THE GHOST OF BEN HARGROVE!

It’s scary. It’s awesome. It’s perfect for an October read. (And hey, it’s only $.99)

Just click the pic below to order. (And thank you, thank you, thank you)

Oh…fun fact: IT COMES WITH A SNEAK PEEK OF THE CEMETERY BOYS (my new book, which won’t be out until March)!!!


6 Responses to "The Ghost of Ben Hargrove"

  1. Sami Slaymaker

    I love your books so much!!!!! I just finished soulbound and I have to say completely awesome but such a cliff hanger!!! I want soulbroken to come out already!!!
    Always a supporter of the dark and fun world of auntie heather mind. Love you!!!!

  2. Glory Rose


  3. yay! I wish I could read it! Maybe I will eventually if I get o buy it! πŸ™‚

  4. vimpier expoert extordinair

    I cant want for the slayer chronicles to completely come out.

  5. Kennedy Weiland(vamp129)

    Dear Mrs.Brewer
    I as a girl have been unusual. Because of my obsession for vampires (hint my nick name Vamp129) fear and blood i have been made fun of. When i see your books i pick one up and lose my self into the world of monsters. I feel like you because all the sweet books that i have are so plain because there is no scare.
    P.S. please make more books for the Vladimir chronicles
    your number one fan,

  6. Crystal R

    I am completely in love with all the Vladmir books. I read the whole series in just 2 weeks ( work was getting in the way). I cant wait to read more books that you have wrote. The local library has just a few. Cant wait to see if there will be more books maybe with Vlad and Snow. I am dieing to read about their life together<3

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