To Blog Or Not To Blog…

…that is the question. Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of…ah, fugghedaboutit!

I’ve gone back and forth on the issue of blogging. Many writers view blogging as an excellent way to promote your work. Many poo-poo the notion. Many are still on the fence about it. Me? I’m hanging off the fence with ripped shorts and my leg wrapped around my head, praying I don’t fall and break a leg…or worse, a finger.

For now I’ll dive into this madness called blogging and, hopefully, take a few of you with me. As the Cheshire Cat said, “We’re all mad here.” So grab your straight jackets, kids.

To get started, let’s explore 1001 ways to procrastinate. A favorite distraction of mine is Ebaum’s World. The site does have some mature content, so I’d advise only those 18 and over to visit. While you’re there, check out Schfifty-five–a favorite of mine that never gets old (to me, anyway).

Or, if you feel like reading, check out my short story The Light of Dennis Knopf over at DarkMoon Rising. I’ve had a few others accepted. As soon as they post, I’ll set up a link here. You know…*toes the ground* if you want me to…

For now, my procrastination time (read: the time I should be writing, but have taken out to give you people ideas on how to procrastinate) is over. Off to the mind of a fictional character!

13 Responses to "To Blog Or Not To Blog…"

  1. xxfangoidxx

    AAAHH! Schfifty-five? THE Schfifty-five? Lovable little singing German stick figures??? AMAZING! BRILLIANT! I didn’t know there was a whole website with that stuff! I only saw it on YouTube!! I SCREAM IN DELIGHT!!

  2. Vlad's Girl

    lol I probably do neeed a straight jacket, auntie heather!!!!!!

  3. Jordan :P

    wow….so this is ur first blog…I <3 IT! hahah! i would love to blog if i was a author…i just dont thnk that will ever happen…

    -JoRDan <3

  4. Amanda

    Ooh….Auntie Heather, I LOVE that short story…It was kind of depressing, though =(. But, yet, still cheery at the same time…which contradicts what I just said…

    I’m happy for Dennis. He totally deserved that freedom ^-^. But, why did Fletcher ditch him? Aw…I liked Fletcher, too!

    Wow…25 years of not being in the sun…Talk about deprived…

    I feel sympathy for the guy…that must really suck….to think I make fun of my un-tanning skin–not being able to go in the sun AT ALL would stink…

    I mean, he DID end up going into the sun, in the end (Wait…did he die, knowing that he’d be re-born…I’m so confused…Maybe I should re-read that)

    Well, I thought the short story had a nice theme to it =). Please post more short stories!

  5. Isabella


  6. i like pi 3.14159265358979323644….. infinite

  7. (|-|/-|)

    i loved the denis story, it was really well writen

  8. vampire12b

    i am postin on the oldest blog ever for no reason πŸ™‚

  9. Very good buddy!

  10. vampire12b

    did it again

  11. bob marley

    i got a straight jacket! lol 😈

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