5 Responses to "Uncle Zac’s Voice Sounds Different Now."

  1. Jennifer

    You sound great and look so young. LOL, had no idea Paul got stingy about kitties.

  2. Aly

    Will soul broken ever come out, zac?

  3. Bri

    uncle zac, can I just say how freaking attractive you are? Your voice is definitely deeper and I love it but most of all I’m glad you love it. I watched some YouTube videos of you at book signings and read some interviews about your situation of being bullied when you were younger and to hear you say that you are genuinely happy is simply amazing. Part of the reason I enjoy you so much is because I went through the similar situation of being bullied since I was a little girl and when you grow up, it definitely follows you. But unlike me, you took steps to get rid of your insecurities or at least keep them under control and that’s what I would like to do. What I’m going to do. I love you and thank you for being awesome even if you never see this or never respond. Love you. Oh and p.s. THE CHRONICLES OF VLADIMIR TOD must become a movie although movies mess books up a lot of times. IT MUST!!!! Either that OR PLEASE write a prequel to The VLAD TOD series, like about the adventures of Vikas, Tomas, and Otis before Tomas sought out to create the Pravus. Either that or create a one hundred book series on Dorian. Lol best vampire I ever read about. Anyway, I’m sounding crazy so I’ll leave you. Once again, Love u Zac!!!!

  4. Seth

    You should totally grow a beard! I can suggest a bunch of awesome products to get a gorgeous, soft beard that will keep you warm in those late night graveyard breezes

  5. Julia

    I would just like Soulbroken to come out because I’ve been waiting years and Soulbound was my favorite book of yours that you ever wrote. I adored VladTodd but Soulbroken went beyond that for me. And I feel as though at this point Soulbroken won’t be as great as it potential could have been because you’re in a different mind set, like we all are, after a few years. And I’m just disappointed because when I met you, you explained your excitement for Soulbroken but gave up on it and left us all without a resolution to a magnificent series. And I’m just disappointed because I feel betrayed. As an author that’s one of the cruelest thing you could do to a book lover, especially to your devoted fans. We followed you for years and years even when you finished Vlad’s story we were still here and stayed with you. Then you put something amazing in our hands just to break our hearts. It’s cruel, disappointing and an utter betrayal which is why I’ve never read another of your books. It was just bothering me and I needed to get this off my chest because I was thinking about books I needed and everytime I think of Soulbroken I get enraged followed by disappointment. It just disturbs and aggravates me that you could do such a thing to your die hard fans.

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